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@@ -145,6 +145,8 @@ void QGroupBoxPrivate::click()
\ingroup geomanagement
\inmodule QtWidgets
+ \image windows-groupbox.png
A group box provides a frame, a title on top, a keyboard shortcut, and
displays various other widgets inside itself. The keyboard shortcut moves
keyboard focus to one of the group box's child widgets.
@@ -166,15 +168,6 @@ void QGroupBoxPrivate::click()
\snippet widgets/groupbox/window.cpp 2
- \table 100%
- \row \li \inlineimage windowsvista-groupbox.png Screenshot of a Windows Vista style group box
- \li \inlineimage macintosh-groupbox.png Screenshot of a Macintosh style group box
- \li \inlineimage fusion-groupbox.png Screenshot of a Fusion style group box
- \row \li A \l{Windows Vista Style Widget Gallery}{Windows Vista style} group box.
- \li A \l{Macintosh Style Widget Gallery}{Macintosh style} group box.
- \li A \l{Fusion Style Widget Gallery}{Fusion style} group box.
- \endtable
\sa QButtonGroup, {Group Box Example}