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but it cannot be shown on its own. It needs to be put into a window
when it is created or later through a native call.
- QMacNativeWidget works for either Carbon or Cocoa depending on how Qt was configured. If Qt is
- using Carbon, QMacNativeWidget will embed into Carbon hierarchies. If Qt is
- using Cocoa, QMacNativeWidget embeds into Cocoa hierarchies.
- Here is an example of putting a QPushButton into a NSWindow:
+ Here is an example showing how to put a QPushButton into a NSWindow:
\snippet qmacnativewidget/ 0
- Note that QMacNativeWidget requires knowledge of Carbon or Cocoa. All it
+ Note that QMacNativeWidget requires knowledge of Cocoa. All it
does is get the Qt hierarchy into a window not owned by Qt. It is then up
to the programmer to ensure it is placed correctly in the window and
responds correctly to events.