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@@ -38,11 +38,11 @@ command-line argument. Save its standard output (but not error) to a
file for later processing by ``./``
When you update the CLDR data, be sure to also update
-src/corelib/tools/qt_attribution.json's entry for unicode-cldr. Check
+src/corelib/text/qt_attribution.json's entry for unicode-cldr. Check
this script's output for unknown language, country or script messages;
if any can be resolved, use their entry in common/main/en.xml to
append new entries to's lists and update documentation in
-src/corelib/tools/qlocale.qdoc, adding the new entries in alphabetic
+src/corelib/text/qlocale.qdoc, adding the new entries in alphabetic
While updating the locale data, check also for updates to MS-Win's