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-# Blocks-5.0.0.txt
-# Date: 2006-02-15, 15:40:00 [KW]
+# Blocks-6.1.0.txt
+# Date: 2011-06-14, 18:26:00 GMT [KW, LI]
# Unicode Character Database
-# Copyright (c) 1991-2006 Unicode, Inc.
+# Copyright (c) 1991-2011 Unicode, Inc.
# For terms of use, see
-# For documentation, see UCD.html
+# For documentation, see
# Note: The casing of block names is not normative.
# For example, "Basic Latin" and "BASIC LATIN" are equivalent.
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
# and underbars are ignored.
# For example, "Latin Extended-A" and "latin extended a" are equivalent.
# For more information on the comparison of property values,
-# see UCD.html.
+# see UAX #44:
# All code points not explicitly listed for Block
# have the value No_Block.
@@ -44,6 +44,9 @@
0750..077F; Arabic Supplement
0780..07BF; Thaana
07C0..07FF; NKo
+0800..083F; Samaritan
+0840..085F; Mandaic
+08A0..08FF; Arabic Extended-A
0900..097F; Devanagari
0980..09FF; Bengali
0A00..0A7F; Gurmukhi
@@ -72,12 +75,20 @@
1760..177F; Tagbanwa
1780..17FF; Khmer
1800..18AF; Mongolian
+18B0..18FF; Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Extended
1900..194F; Limbu
1950..197F; Tai Le
1980..19DF; New Tai Lue
19E0..19FF; Khmer Symbols
1A00..1A1F; Buginese
+1A20..1AAF; Tai Tham
1B00..1B7F; Balinese
+1B80..1BBF; Sundanese
+1BC0..1BFF; Batak
+1C00..1C4F; Lepcha
+1C50..1C7F; Ol Chiki
+1CC0..1CCF; Sundanese Supplement
+1CD0..1CFF; Vedic Extensions
1D00..1D7F; Phonetic Extensions
1D80..1DBF; Phonetic Extensions Supplement
1DC0..1DFF; Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement
@@ -113,6 +124,7 @@
2D00..2D2F; Georgian Supplement
2D30..2D7F; Tifinagh
2D80..2DDF; Ethiopic Extended
+2DE0..2DFF; Cyrillic Extended-A
2E00..2E7F; Supplemental Punctuation
2E80..2EFF; CJK Radicals Supplement
2F00..2FDF; Kangxi Radicals
@@ -133,11 +145,29 @@
4E00..9FFF; CJK Unified Ideographs
A000..A48F; Yi Syllables
A490..A4CF; Yi Radicals
+A4D0..A4FF; Lisu
+A500..A63F; Vai
+A640..A69F; Cyrillic Extended-B
+A6A0..A6FF; Bamum
A700..A71F; Modifier Tone Letters
A720..A7FF; Latin Extended-D
A800..A82F; Syloti Nagri
+A830..A83F; Common Indic Number Forms
A840..A87F; Phags-pa
+A880..A8DF; Saurashtra
+A8E0..A8FF; Devanagari Extended
+A900..A92F; Kayah Li
+A930..A95F; Rejang
+A960..A97F; Hangul Jamo Extended-A
+A980..A9DF; Javanese
+AA00..AA5F; Cham
+AA60..AA7F; Myanmar Extended-A
+AA80..AADF; Tai Viet
+AAE0..AAFF; Meetei Mayek Extensions
+AB00..AB2F; Ethiopic Extended-A
+ABC0..ABFF; Meetei Mayek
AC00..D7AF; Hangul Syllables
+D7B0..D7FF; Hangul Jamo Extended-B
D800..DB7F; High Surrogates
DB80..DBFF; High Private Use Surrogates
DC00..DFFF; Low Surrogates
@@ -157,6 +187,10 @@ FFF0..FFFF; Specials
10080..100FF; Linear B Ideograms
10100..1013F; Aegean Numbers
10140..1018F; Ancient Greek Numbers
+10190..101CF; Ancient Symbols
+101D0..101FF; Phaistos Disc
+10280..1029F; Lycian
+102A0..102DF; Carian
10300..1032F; Old Italic
10330..1034F; Gothic
10380..1039F; Ugaritic
@@ -165,17 +199,49 @@ FFF0..FFFF; Specials
10450..1047F; Shavian
10480..104AF; Osmanya
10800..1083F; Cypriot Syllabary
+10840..1085F; Imperial Aramaic
10900..1091F; Phoenician
+10920..1093F; Lydian
+10980..1099F; Meroitic Hieroglyphs
+109A0..109FF; Meroitic Cursive
10A00..10A5F; Kharoshthi
+10A60..10A7F; Old South Arabian
+10B00..10B3F; Avestan
+10B40..10B5F; Inscriptional Parthian
+10B60..10B7F; Inscriptional Pahlavi
+10C00..10C4F; Old Turkic
+10E60..10E7F; Rumi Numeral Symbols
+11000..1107F; Brahmi
+11080..110CF; Kaithi
+110D0..110FF; Sora Sompeng
+11100..1114F; Chakma
+11180..111DF; Sharada
+11680..116CF; Takri
12000..123FF; Cuneiform
12400..1247F; Cuneiform Numbers and Punctuation
+13000..1342F; Egyptian Hieroglyphs
+16800..16A3F; Bamum Supplement
+16F00..16F9F; Miao
+1B000..1B0FF; Kana Supplement
1D000..1D0FF; Byzantine Musical Symbols
1D100..1D1FF; Musical Symbols
1D200..1D24F; Ancient Greek Musical Notation
1D300..1D35F; Tai Xuan Jing Symbols
1D360..1D37F; Counting Rod Numerals
1D400..1D7FF; Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols
+1EE00..1EEFF; Arabic Mathematical Alphabetic Symbols
+1F000..1F02F; Mahjong Tiles
+1F030..1F09F; Domino Tiles
+1F0A0..1F0FF; Playing Cards
+1F100..1F1FF; Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement
+1F200..1F2FF; Enclosed Ideographic Supplement
+1F300..1F5FF; Miscellaneous Symbols And Pictographs
+1F600..1F64F; Emoticons
+1F680..1F6FF; Transport And Map Symbols
+1F700..1F77F; Alchemical Symbols
20000..2A6DF; CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B
+2A700..2B73F; CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C
+2B740..2B81F; CJK Unified Ideographs Extension D
2F800..2FA1F; CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement
E0000..E007F; Tags
E0100..E01EF; Variation Selectors Supplement