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* Remove unused variables and functions from the source codeThiago Macieira2013-02-027-146/+0
* Comment out an unused global variable.Thiago Macieira2013-02-021-1/+1
* Work around an unfixed glibc bug in dlclose(3) on exitThiago Macieira2013-02-022-4/+14
* Improve QLibrary global destructionThiago Macieira2013-02-022-39/+111
* QTreeView - optimize. Do not do signals-work if signals are blockedThorbjørn Lund Martsum2013-02-021-20/+28
* QTreeView::expandToDepth - add missing emit of expanded and collapsedThorbjørn Lund Martsum2013-02-022-0/+29
* Introduce a native color dialog for GTK+ 2.xJ-P Nurmi2013-02-0111-7/+556
* Put #ifdef around Windows-only functionThiago Macieira2013-02-011-0/+2
* Keep QLineEdit placeholder text visible when focusedAurélien Gâteau2013-02-012-2/+6
* Remove dependency of DB driver headers on qsqlcachedresult_p.h.Friedemann Kleint2013-02-0110-125/+152
* Do not run tst_qfilesystemmodel for MinGW.Friedemann Kleint2013-02-011-0/+1
* Replace SRCDIR-define by QFINDTESTDATA in tst_moc.Friedemann Kleint2013-01-312-40/+38
* Remove left-overs of QT_{BEGIN,END}_HEADERSSergio Ahumada2013-01-313-6/+1
* QTreeView - emit collapsed in collapseAll()Thorbjørn Lund Martsum2013-01-312-2/+20
* QTreeView - emit expanded on expandAllThorbjørn Lund Martsum2013-01-312-6/+25
* XCB: Free cursors.Friedemann Kleint2013-01-311-1/+7
* QMacStyle: enable transient scrollbars for the desktop componentsJ-P Nurmi2013-01-311-8/+7
* Added support for multicore CPUs for INTEGRITY (V10+) target.Florian Behrens2013-01-301-0/+7
* Fix QColorDialog::DontUseNativeDialog usageJ-P Nurmi2013-01-301-4/+1
* Update roleNames in QAbstractProxyModel if sourceModel resets.Nils Jeisecke2013-01-303-0/+53
* Work around posix violation in qnx (missing pselect())Fabian Bumberger2013-01-303-10/+17
* Refactor QEglFSPandaHooks and add physicalScreenSize()Gunnar Sletta2013-01-305-69/+54
* Fix warning about incorrect format in tst_qlocale.Friedemann Kleint2013-01-301-3/+3
* Manual test for QColorDialogJ-P Nurmi2013-01-304-3/+280
* Provide the resetInternalData slot to cleanly reset data in proxy subclasses.Stephen Kelly2013-01-304-0/+198
* Generate forward header (QtMath) for the math operations with syncqtLaszlo Papp2013-01-291-0/+4
* Detect the Intel Compiler version on UnixThiago Macieira2013-01-291-0/+11
* QStringRef: Added a trimmed() function.Keith Gardner2013-01-293-0/+55
* Drop the unused qt_gl_convertToGLFormat functionGiuseppe D'Angelo2013-01-291-5/+0
* Drop the unused QGLContextPrivate::convertToGLFormat functionGiuseppe D'Angelo2013-01-292-13/+0
* Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev" into refs/stagi...Frederik Gladhorn2013-01-29107-446/+369
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devFrederik Gladhorn2013-01-28107-446/+369
| |\
| | * Cocoa: Correct mime handler prioritization.Morten Johan Sørvig2013-01-281-3/+8
| | * Don't use the union trick to do unlawful castsThiago Macieira2013-01-281-18/+6
| | * Doc: Add a note for QDesktopServices about deprecated functionsTopi Reinio2013-01-271-1/+4
| | * Doc: Widgets/Tools examples: fix group and missing imagesTopi Reinio2013-01-274-2/+2
| | * consolidate generation of metafile install targetsMark Brand2013-01-254-36/+27
| | * cocoa: Fix Mouse Event tracking of button statusRick Stockton2013-01-252-111/+21
| | * Fix XCB plugin compilation without accessibilityOleg Shparber2013-01-251-1/+1
| | * Doc: Fix module name formatSze Howe Koh2013-01-2582-208/+206
| | * Minor QWindow documentation improvement for the accessor/mutatorsLaszlo Papp2013-01-251-6/+6
| | * Make QWindowsFontEngineData thread-local.Friedemann Kleint2013-01-252-8/+35
| | * Fixed checking HOME variable return value using isEmpty()Pasi Petäjäjärvi2013-01-252-1/+9
| | * qmake: Don't let an empty $$VERSION cause a garbled version in .rc filesDebao Zhang2013-01-251-1/+1
| | * configure.exe: Fix line feed characterDebao Zhang2013-01-251-8/+8
| | * QPdfEnginePrivate: Fix invalid format for rectangles on some localesDmitry Shachnev2013-01-241-6/+10
| | * Revert "qmake vcxproj generator: map TARGET_EXT to $(TargetExt)"Joerg Bornemann2013-01-243-12/+2
| | * Stabilize tst_qabstractsliderFrederik Gladhorn2013-01-241-3/+3
| | * Use new path manipulation functions from qmake.Stephen Kelly2013-01-241-21/+20
* | | Reduce invocations QString::left() in XCB key event processing.Friedemann Kleint2013-01-291-4/+5