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* Allow building Qt examples with qmake in-sourceKai Köhne3 days1-9/+1
* qmake: Switch to using Xcode's new build systemTor Arne Vestbø6 days1-2/+0
* qmake: Pick default architecture on macOS based on unameTor Arne Vestbø2021-05-211-6/+12
* Move qtwaylandscanner to libexecKai Köhne2021-05-111-1/+1
* Move qmlimportscanner to libexecKai Köhne2021-05-111-1/+1
* WASM: Don’t set “-g4” by default for qmake buildsMorten Sørvig2021-04-271-6/+18
* Cleanup leftover QWSTasuku Suzuki2021-04-142-4/+0
* Merge integration refs/builds/qtci/dev/1617809473Qt CI Bot2021-04-071-6/+4
| * Fix condition that adds resources for each Android ABIAlexey Edelev2021-04-071-6/+4
* | Merge integration refs/builds/qtci/dev/1617805866Qt CI Bot2021-04-071-1/+1
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Only embed launch screen when building an appChristoph Keller2021-04-071-1/+1
* | Remove last trace of licheckKai Köhne2021-04-071-15/+0
* wasm: add cmake build supportLorn Potter2021-04-012-18/+18
* qmake: Improve error message when detecting macOS platform SDK upgradeTor Arne Vestbø2021-03-192-4/+11
* Fix a typo in resources_functions.prfTasuku Suzuki2021-03-161-1/+1
* Merge "Android: use libexec path for rcc for Android deployment settings file"Assam Boudjelthia2021-03-111-1/+1
| * Android: use libexec path for rcc for Android deployment settings fileAssam Boudjelthia2021-03-111-1/+1
* | Bump Apple platform minimum versionsAlexandru Croitor2021-03-104-6/+4
* Move to libexecJoerg Bornemann2021-03-041-1/+1
* Fix qmake's metatype generation feature after moving moc to libexecJoerg Bornemann2021-02-251-1/+1
* Move build tools to libexec instead of the bin dirJoerg Bornemann2021-02-236-7/+24
* qmake: Introduce QT_HOST_LIBEXECS propertyJoerg Bornemann2021-02-181-1/+2
* Fix the qmake error when building with qtquickcompiler for iOSAlexey Edelev2021-02-181-3/+5
* Fix qmake_qmake_immediate path for AndroidAlexey Edelev2021-02-151-1/+1
* Android: set minimum recommended android SDK to 29Assam Boudjelthia2021-02-131-1/+1
* Bump copyright year to 2021Kai Köhne2021-01-251-1/+1
* macOS: Only check SDK major version for compatibilityTor Arne Vestbø2021-01-201-2/+2
* macOS: Don't hard-code x86_64 as the architecture when using qmakeTor Arne Vestbø2020-12-073-7/+13
* MSVC: Enable control flow guard for release buildsYuhang Zhao2020-12-071-0/+9
* Change android target SDK version to 29Fabio Falsini2020-11-261-1/+1
* macOS: Upgrade supported SDK to 11.0Tor Arne Vestbø2020-11-201-1/+1
* QNX7.1 updatesMarianne Yrjänä2020-11-205-6/+4
* Install 3rd party headers and meta for static buildsMichal Klocek2020-11-161-1/+29
* Android: Add the required linker flags for unwinding on armeabi-v7aAndy Shaw2020-11-121-0/+3
* MSVC: enable identical COMDAT folding for release buildsYuhang Zhao2020-11-121-2/+2
* Build Qt (and client apps using it) with /permissive-Giuseppe D'Angelo2020-11-101-6/+1
* resources_function.prf: Discard external path prefixesMaximilian Goldstein2020-11-101-0/+6
* Move iOS entrypoint logic to entrypoint libraryTor Arne Vestbø2020-11-103-16/+12
* Don't rely on the module.pri for the entrypoint linking to the libraryTor Arne Vestbø2020-11-092-4/+4
* Allow adding linker flags to qmake module prisTor Arne Vestbø2020-11-033-10/+6
* Allow adding extra content to module priTor Arne Vestbø2020-11-021-1/+2
* toolchain.prf: Use vswhere to obtain VS installation pathOliver Wolff2020-10-271-3/+11
* qmake: Don't warn about using private headers if there are noneTor Arne Vestbø2020-10-231-4/+4
* Make entry point module an internal moduleTor Arne Vestbø2020-10-231-1/+1
* Fix linking of non-console application on mingwTor Arne Vestbø2020-10-201-1/+10
* Make configure -qmake actually workJoerg Bornemann2020-10-201-0/+5
* Generalize the winmain/qtmain entry-point libraryTor Arne Vestbø2020-10-176-16/+4
* iOS: Remove dead code for linking to platform pluginTor Arne Vestbø2020-10-161-19/+0
* Add externConstexpr to MSVC compile optionsUlf Hermann2020-10-131-0/+1
* rename win32-arm64-msvc2017 to win32-arm64-msvcOliver Wolff2020-10-092-1/+1