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* Change the ELF linker version script creator to take no parametersThiago Macieira2016-01-111-5/+7
* un-nest enabling .la creation from enabling .pc creation (again)Oswald Buddenhagen2016-01-081-13/+12
* don't build with explicitlib on unixOswald Buddenhagen2016-01-081-2/+1
* Fix version script generation when cross-compiling from Windows to QNXMatt Hoosier2015-12-211-2/+3
* enforce no-undefined on all platforms that support itOswald Buddenhagen2015-12-021-1/+1
* remove redundant "mac" checksOswald Buddenhagen2015-11-191-1/+1
* fix the determination whether to build a module as a frameworkOswald Buddenhagen2015-11-191-5/+3
* centralize determination whether a module is built as a frameworkOswald Buddenhagen2015-11-171-2/+5
* don't create .pc files for frameworks and internal modulesOswald Buddenhagen2015-11-171-1/+1
* (re-)move qt build specific dependency checks from generic pathsOswald Buddenhagen2015-11-171-0/+2
* don't create version script for header-only modulesOswald Buddenhagen2015-11-171-1/+1
* introduce -optimized-tools optionOswald Buddenhagen2015-11-171-1/+1
* Workaround: don't create ELF version scripts for AndroidThiago Macieira2015-10-291-2/+2
* Place classes from private headers in the Qt_5_PRIVATE_API ELF versionThiago Macieira2015-10-201-1/+14
* Update qversiontagging.cpp not to use too much assembler magicThiago Macieira2015-10-201-2/+6
* sanitize qt rpath handling, in particular on macOswald Buddenhagen2015-09-171-0/+2
* Add a linker version script to Qt librariesThiago Macieira2015-09-131-0/+22
* fix usage of wince scopeOswald Buddenhagen2015-06-051-1/+1
* Build Qt for OS X and iOS with relative rpath.Adam Strzelecki2015-05-131-0/+3
* change approach to requesting headers-only modulesOswald Buddenhagen2015-05-081-2/+2
* make headers-only modules work for framework buildsOswald Buddenhagen2015-04-271-1/+8
* support headers-only modulesOswald Buddenhagen2015-04-231-3/+8
* don't overengineer DESTDIR calculationOswald Buddenhagen2015-04-231-2/+2
* Implement a more direct headersclean checkThiago Macieira2015-04-171-5/+5
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4' into 5.5Liang Qi2015-03-311-1/+1
| * restore qt4's qtLibraryTarget() behaviorOswald Buddenhagen2015-03-051-1/+1
* | make the installed meta files play nicely with sysrootsOswald Buddenhagen2015-02-051-4/+18
* Set CFBundleIdentifier prefix for Qt frameworksMorten Johan Sørvig2014-11-171-0/+2
* Revert "Build Qt for OS X and iOS with relative rpath"Morten Johan Sørvig2014-11-171-3/+0
* Build Qt for OS X and iOS with relative rpathAdam Strzelecki2014-11-011-0/+3
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.3' into 5.4Oswald Buddenhagen2014-10-061-0/+2
| * fix parallel installation of private and qpa headers in qt framework bundlesOswald Buddenhagen2014-10-011-0/+2
* | Use Qt's major version in the library prefixJocelyn Turcotte2014-09-101-2/+2
* Make the use of -ffunction-sections more generic in QtThiago Macieira2014-05-191-0/+2
* snuff -L/-I with system paths when installing meta filesOswald Buddenhagen2014-04-151-2/+2
* de-duplicate setup of libdir replacement in prl filesOswald Buddenhagen2014-04-151-12/+1
* reshuffle code for clarityOswald Buddenhagen2014-04-151-21/+17
* don't attempt to replace include paths in meta filesOswald Buddenhagen2014-04-151-7/+4
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devFrederik Gladhorn2014-02-071-0/+8
| * Suppress unsafe warnings of MSVCKurt Pattyn2014-01-211-0/+8
* | Don't pass -mfpmath=sse to Clang < 3.4, it's not supportedTor Arne Vestbø2014-01-181-1/+11
* | Replace win32-g++ with mingw scopeKai Koehne2014-01-171-2/+2
* | Automatically turn on SSE2 code generation throughout QtThiago Macieira2014-01-161-0/+17
* enable path replacement in installed prl files on all platformsOswald Buddenhagen2013-12-041-17/+18
* properly replace windows paths in installed meta filesOswald Buddenhagen2013-12-041-0/+2
* fix header bundling in some framework buildsOswald Buddenhagen2013-11-151-1/+1
* rewrite handling of private modulesOswald Buddenhagen2013-10-241-4/+7
* don't install non-framework headers in addition to frameworks, take 2Oswald Buddenhagen2013-09-021-0/+1
* don't install mac bundles atomicallyOswald Buddenhagen2013-07-221-1/+1
* Refer to Apple products by their actual names.Jake Petroules2013-07-101-1/+1