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* ANGLE: Support WinRTAndrew Knight2013-10-021-1/+9
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | This enables EGL for WinRT's native types, and adjusts some codepaths to accommodate differences in between desktop Windows and WinRT. - WinRT native handles added to eglplatform.h - References to native handles in libEGL/libGLESv2 follow eglplatform.h - D3D 11.1 structures and methods used when necessary - TLS replaced with thread attribute - LocalAlloc/Free replaced with Heap API Change-Id: Ia90377e700d335a1c569c2145008dd4b0dfd84d3 Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>
* ANGLE: Update to version 2446Andrew Knight2013-09-191-0/+6
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Update ANGLE and reapply patches. Patch changes: "Dynamically resolve functions of dwmapi.dll" Removed; ANGLE no longer uses DWM API "Make it possible to link ANGLE statically for single-thread use" Avoid name collision by using ANGLE-style getCurrent() "Fix build when SSE2 is not available." Added guard for __cpuid(), which is not available on ARM "Make DX9/DX11 mutually exclusive" Adjustments due to underlying code changes "ANGLE: Avoid memory copies on buffers when data is null" Removed; fixed upstream "Add missing intrin.h include for __cpuid" Removed; fixed upstream Change-Id: I4f3d850fc555d3194ddc05e0b51c4966d33f7eaf Reviewed-by: Oliver Wolff <> Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <> Reviewed-by: Kai Koehne <>
* Add ANGLE as a 3rdparty library to Qt.Jason Barron2012-10-243-0/+806
ANGLE is a component that implements the OpenGL ES 2.0 API on top of DirectX 9. See the following for more info: ANGLE is now the default configuration on Windows. If you want to use desktop OpenGL, you should build Qt with the following configure options: -opengl desktop To configure Qt to use another OpenGL ES 2 implementation, you should use: -opengl es2 -no-angle Task-number: QTBUG-24207 Change-Id: Iefcbeaa37ed920f431729749ab8333b248fe5134 Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>