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| * Remove custom text codec for C strings.Robin Burchell2012-02-222-34/+1
* | QByteArray: deprecate QT_NO_CAST_FROM_BYTEARRAY-protected operatorsMarc Mutz2012-02-261-3/+3
* Fixes QIconvCodec::convertToUnicode()Nick Ratelle2012-02-052-1/+6
* Add support for QNX iconv implementationRafael Roquetto2012-02-032-0/+6
* Windows: Fix inclusion of <windows.h>Friedemann Kleint2012-02-011-2/+5
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* move plugin text codecs to QtCoreMark Brand2012-01-2019-22/+38982
* build and load text codecs regardless of iconv and platformMark Brand2012-01-202-30/+22
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* remove trailing whitespaceMark Brand2012-01-171-1/+1
* Merge the makeEncoder/Decoder overloads.Lars Knoll2012-01-162-28/+2
* remove symbian support vestiges from text codecsMark Brand2012-01-145-739/+6
* Remove all non-inline of qMalloc/qFree/qRealloc.Robin Burchell2012-01-062-3/+3
* Update copyright year in license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-0521-21/+21
* Use load() when constructing QSimpleCodec's reverse mapBradley T. Hughes2011-10-271-7/+10
* corelib: Remove Q_WS-macros.Friedemann Kleint2011-10-241-3/+3
* Remove duplicate check in utf endian detectionKent Hansen2011-10-061-14/+12
* Replace explicit surrogate handlers by inline methods of QChar classsuzuki toshiya2011-09-121-4/+4
* don't crash when destroying codec listOswald Buddenhagen2011-09-121-4/+5
* Doc: Removed documentation for deleted code.David Boddie2011-07-211-27/+0
* Finish removal of QT3_SUPPORT from corelib/codecsShane Kearns2011-07-051-16/+0
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