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* QMetaMethod: Store method constness in metaobject systemFabian Kosmale9 days1-0/+17
* Introduce QMetaObject::metaTypeFabian Kosmale2021-03-251-0/+27
* QMetaProperty: Enable constructing only DataFabian Kosmale2020-12-011-3/+12
* QMetaObjectPrivate: Add firstMethodFabian Kosmale2020-11-301-0/+18
* QMetaProperty::typeName: use name from metatypeFabian Kosmale2020-11-301-0/+3
* Standardize metaType stuff in QMetaProperty and QVariantDavid Skoland2020-11-031-0/+9
* Doc: Fix various documentation issues for Qt CoreTopi Reinio2020-10-311-2/+2
* QMetaMethod: Make comparison operators hidden friendsVolker Hilsheimer2020-10-291-4/+2
* Whitespace cleanup in corelib/kernelAllan Sandfeld Jensen2020-10-241-22/+17
* Deprecate QVariant::TypeLars Knoll2020-10-231-17/+6
* Centralize the implementation of move assignment operatorsGiuseppe D'Angelo2020-10-031-0/+8
* Fix qdoc warning from QMetaObjectVolker Hilsheimer2020-09-261-1/+1
* Inline QMetaObject::cast(QObject *), as requested by ### Qt 6 commentEdward Welbourne2020-09-101-6/+2
* Fix a number of MSVC integer conversion warningsFriedemann Kleint2020-09-101-5/+5
* Make bindings introspectable through mocLars Knoll2020-09-021-5/+24
* Improve connect: Use existing metatypes if possibleFabian Kosmale2020-08-281-0/+21
* Use QMetaType in QMetaCallEventLars Knoll2020-08-241-5/+5
* Clean up int based convert() APILars Knoll2020-08-241-1/+1
* Deprecate the static int based API in QMetaTypeLars Knoll2020-08-241-10/+8
* Fix a number of qdoc warningsFriedemann Kleint2020-08-201-21/+8
* QMetaObject: Compare threadIds when checking receiver threadMike Achtelik2020-06-251-9/+16
* Move implementation of QVector/List back to qlist.hLars Knoll2020-06-201-1/+1
* QMetaMethod: implement returnType via returnMetaTypeFabian Kosmale2020-06-181-3/+1
* Add some support to flag alias propertiesLars Knoll2020-06-111-0/+14
* Get rid of the obsolete isEditable flag for propertiesLars Knoll2020-06-111-21/+0
* Further metaobject cleanupsFabian Kosmale2020-06-111-32/+34
* Cleanup QMetaClassInfoLars Knoll2020-06-111-3/+3
* Cleanups in QMetaPropertyFabian Kosmale2020-06-111-132/+86
* Qt6: remove support for property flags being functionsLars Knoll2020-06-111-44/+14
* Clean up QMetaEnum codeLars Knoll2020-06-111-56/+35
* QMetaMethod: clean up offset handlingLars Knoll2020-06-111-39/+60
* Port QMetaObject away from QStringRefLars Knoll2020-06-101-3/+3
* MetaObject: Store the QMetaType of the methodsFabian Kosmale2020-06-021-25/+55
* Cosmetic whitespace / indentationIvan Tkachenko2020-05-291-32/+43
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2020-04-081-0/+2
| * Warn that the EDITABLE flag for property declarations is deprecatedLars Knoll2020-04-021-0/+2
* | Add support for exposing public QProperty members in the meta-object systemSimon Hausmann2020-03-181-0/+15
* | MetaObject: store the QMetaType of the propertiesOlivier Goffart2020-02-251-116/+38
* | Normalize types at compile timeOlivier Goffart2020-02-201-11/+1
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2020-01-281-8/+23
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| * Doc: Replace some usages of 0/zero/null with \nullptrSze Howe Koh2020-01-271-2/+2
| * Introduce Q_PROPERTY attribute REQUIREDFabian Kosmale2020-01-231-0/+15
| * Replace most use of QVariant::type and occurrences of QVariant::TypeOlivier Goffart2020-01-231-6/+6
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2019-12-091-40/+40
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| * Tidy nullptr usageAllan Sandfeld Jensen2019-12-061-40/+40
* | Change representation of string data in the meta objectLars Knoll2019-12-081-14/+19
* | Add reference-count manipulation functions to QArrayData and hide refThiago Macieira2019-12-081-1/+1
* | Introduce QArrayData::allocatedCapacity() and use it instead of d->allocThiago Macieira2019-12-071-1/+1
* | Replace QArrayData::capacityReserved with a full flags fieldThiago Macieira2019-12-071-1/+0
* | Use Q_NAMESPACE for the Qt namespace, and remove the old moc hack to support itOlivier Goffart2019-12-061-1/+1