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* QtCore: Make more signals private.Stephen Kelly2012-11-283-7/+15
* Fix race condition on d->state, by locking the mutex first.David Faure2012-11-231-3/+9
* Fix QMutex::tryLock timeout computation on LinuxOlivier Goffart2012-11-161-2/+2
* QFutureInterface: Remove unused functionOrgad Shaneh2012-11-082-6/+0
* Do not define QT_BASIC_ATOMIC_HAS_CONSTRUCTORS for clang.Erik Verbruggen2012-11-071-1/+12
* Review of documentation.Michele Caini2012-11-021-6/+25
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* QThread signals documentation improvementOlivier Goffart2012-10-151-2/+12
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* Doc: Update QThread class ref to reflect changes since Qt 4.4Sze Howe Koh2012-10-081-55/+104
* qfuturesynchronizer.cpp: fix whitespace errorsMarc Mutz2012-09-281-14/+14
* QException/QFuture*: add \inmodule QtCoreMarc Mutz2012-09-284-0/+5
* Move QFutureSynchronizer back to QtCoreMarc Mutz2012-09-283-0/+277
* Move QFutureWatcher back to QtCoreMarc Mutz2012-09-285-1/+912
* Move QFuture from QtConcurrent to QtCoreMarc Mutz2012-09-286-0/+2020
* Move QtConcurrent::ResultStore as QtPrivate::ResultStore to QtCoreMarc Mutz2012-09-283-0/+496
* Move QtConcurrent::Exception as QException back to QtCoreMarc Mutz2012-09-283-0/+331
* QPostEventList: change pointer comparison to integer comparisonMarc Mutz2012-09-271-1/+1
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