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* Update Text segmentation and line break data to Unicode 10.0Lars Knoll2018-01-031-5562/+5595
* Update most Unicode data to version 10.0Lars Knoll2018-01-031-5602/+6124
* Fix a bug in the generation of the Unicode joining property dataLars Knoll2017-12-131-10/+10
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* Re-generate Unicode data tablesKonstantin Ritt2015-03-271-6285/+7312
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* Regenerate the Unicode data tablesKonstantin Ritt2014-01-141-5436/+5455
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* QTBF: Fix issue with no splitting the words at "." (FULL STOP)Konstantin Ritt2012-11-231-2/+2
* Update the Unicode Data and Algorithms up to Unicode 6.2Konstantin Ritt2012-10-091-3085/+3095
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* Regenerate the Unicode tablesKonstantin Ritt2012-06-141-7122/+5979
* Regenerate the Unicode tables with UCD 6.1.0Konstantin Ritt2012-06-101-6404/+8461
* Move ScriptSentinel enum from header to .cppKonstantin Ritt2012-05-251-0/+2
* add some useful methods to QUnicodeTables::Konstantin Ritt2012-05-101-0/+15
* add support for non-BMP ligaturesKonstantin Ritt2012-05-041-55/+126
* qunicodetables generator: improve the output and the generated codeKonstantin Ritt2012-04-241-28/+32
* UCD-5.0: apply Corrigendum #6Konstantin Ritt2012-04-151-788/+789
* minor improvement for NormalizationCorrectionsKonstantin Ritt2012-04-111-0/+1
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