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* Make QLocale not depend on being friends with the global staticThiago Macieira2012-03-222-9/+8
* Add qpair.h to the HEADERS listThiago Macieira2012-03-221-0/+1
* Remove the false information that IA-64 supports SSE2Thiago Macieira2012-03-221-6/+0
* containers: add C++11-style c{begin,end}() as alias for const{Begin,End}()Marc Mutz2012-03-1718-2/+184
* QRegularExpression: various documentation improvements/fixesGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-161-11/+28
* Explicit use of null namespace breaks namespaced buildDonald Carr2012-03-141-3/+3
* QRegExp: remove docs about RegExp2 being default in Qt5Giuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-141-2/+2
* QRegularExpression: add error strings for translationGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-121-0/+115
* Restore some source compatibilityLars Knoll2012-03-121-0/+1
* QRegularExpression: minor fix to captureIndexForNameGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-081-0/+3
* QRegularExpression: improve JIT memory handlingGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-081-12/+84
* QRegularExpression: add optimizations autotestGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-071-5/+9
* QRegularExpression: fix optimizePattern, document the issueGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-071-7/+24
* QRegularExpression: fix documentation due to qdoc changesGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-071-16/+16
* Fixed warning from gcc with -Wundef for some values of WCHAR_MAXRohan McGovern2012-03-071-1/+3
* Support legacy QDataStream serialization of QDate.Aaron McCarthy2012-03-071-4/+14
* Use #define before including SHA-2 3rdparty codeBradley T. Hughes2012-03-071-17/+15
* QRegularExpression: const correctness fixesGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-061-9/+9
* QRegularExpression: add captureCount()Giuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-062-0/+15
* QRegularExpression: do not use JIT in debug buildsGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-061-1/+41
* QRegularExpression: improve operator==, add dedicated autotestGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-061-1/+2
* QRegularExpression: QDebug support for pattern optionsGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-062-0/+38
* QRegularExpression: add QRegularExpression* set of classesGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-063-0/+2275
* Make cache of opentype tables in Harfbuzz face lazyEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2012-03-062-1/+7
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/api_changes'Lars Knoll2012-03-0412-48/+75
| * QPair: specialise QTypeInfo based on the typeinfos of its argumentsMarc Mutz2012-03-011-0/+16
| * QCryptographicHash: make constructor explicitMarc Mutz2012-02-291-1/+1
| * Allow QChar::SpecialCharacter with QStringBuilder.Stephen Kelly2012-02-291-0/+10
| * Make qlocale.h not depend on qvariant.h.Stephen Kelly2012-02-292-2/+1
| * QScopedValueRollback: make constructor explicitMarc Mutz2012-02-291-1/+1
| * Remove include for no-longer-supported compiler.Stephen Kelly2012-02-291-6/+0
| * Merge master -> api_changesRohan McGovern2012-02-2913-207/+154
| |\
| * | Move the QString comparison operator as non member functionOlivier Goffart2012-02-272-25/+31
| * | QStringMatcher: make constructor explicitMarc Mutz2012-02-261-1/+1
| * | QByteArray: deprecate QT_NO_CAST_FROM_BYTEARRAY-protected operatorsMarc Mutz2012-02-264-12/+10
| * | QString: add from{Ascii,Latin1,Utf8,Local8Bit() overloads for QByteArrayMarc Mutz2012-02-231-0/+4
* | | Remove the usage of deprecated qdoc macros.Casper van Donderen2012-03-0219-507/+507
* | | Remove ARMFPA support and Q_DOUBLE_FORMAT detectionBradley T. Hughes2012-03-012-44/+4
* | | QRegExp: fix \i \I \c \C \p \P escape sequencesGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-03-011-13/+26
* | | SHA-2 code does not compile on FreeBSDHolger Hans Peter Freyther2012-03-011-0/+9
* | | QRingBuffer: make constructor explicitMarc Mutz2012-02-291-1/+1
* | | QPair: don't copy-initialise 'first'/'second' in the default ctorMarc Mutz2012-02-291-1/+1
* | | QPair: remove user-defined copy assignment operatorMarc Mutz2012-02-291-3/+1
| |/ |/|
* | Compile SHA-2 code on systems without stdint.hBradley T. Hughes2012-02-281-2/+13
* | Rename remaining references to QInputPanelPekka Vuorela2012-02-281-2/+2
* | Add SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 support to QCryptographicHashBradley T. Hughes2012-02-272-3/+98
* | QRegExp: fix crashGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-02-271-0/+2
* | Fix a crash in QSystemLocalePrivate::uiLanguages().Friedemann Kleint2012-02-251-1/+1
* | Remove QT_ASCII_CAST_WARN_CONSTRUCTORStephen Kelly2012-02-232-4/+4
* | Silence coverity warning about sizeof(Node*) vs sizeof(Node) in QListAndy Shaw2012-02-231-1/+1