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* Add template text to \fn commands in QScopedPointerMartin Smith2017-12-081-22/+26
* doc: Add template text to \fn commands in qglobal.cppMartin Smith2017-12-082-85/+84
* doc: Change invokeMethod() comments to work with clangMartin Smith2017-12-083-39/+14
* Deduplicate a common check for legacy codesEdward Welbourne2017-12-081-25/+26
* QVector: drop QRegion friendship: it's not neededMarc Mutz2017-12-061-4/+0
* doc: Add missing template parameters to \fn commandsMartin Smith2017-12-062-151/+151
* doc: Ensure clangqdoc sees declarationsMartin Smith2017-12-064-7/+7
* doc: Add class qualifiers to parameter typesMartin Smith2017-12-062-2/+6
* doc: Document remaining anonymous enumsMartin Smith2017-12-061-0/+6
* doc: Add missing template text to \fn commandsMartin Smith2017-12-062-92/+92
* doc: Fix qdoc errors in qfsfilengine.cppMartin Smith2017-12-051-4/+8
* doc: Fix all qdoc errors in qnumeric_p.hMartin Smith2017-12-041-1/+2
* doc: Add missing template textMartin Smith2017-12-041-1/+3
* doc: Fix qdoc errors for \fn commands in endian functionsMartin Smith2017-12-041-42/+42
* Add template text to \fn commands for QGlobalStaticMartin Smith2017-12-041-6/+6
* Remove two obsolete qdoc commentsMartin Smith2017-12-031-37/+0
* QProcess/Unix: do not toggle a state of the write notifier twiceAlex Trotsenko2017-12-021-5/+4
* doc: Fix three "Cannot tie" errorsMartin Smith2017-12-024-4/+4
* doc: Correct a few minor qdoc errorsMartin Smith2017-12-023-6/+6
* doc: Correct all remaining clangqdoc warnings in qpointer.cppMartin Smith2017-12-021-22/+22
* doc: Correct all remaining clangqdoc warnings in qdebug.cppMartin Smith2017-12-021-59/+64
* doc: Add missing template text and parametersMartin Smith2017-12-024-104/+109
* doc: Fix qdoc errors for \fn commands in algorithm functionsMartin Smith2017-12-021-29/+29
* Add template text to \fn commands in QPairMartin Smith2017-12-021-17/+17
* Add template text to \fn commands in cache classesMartin Smith2017-12-012-54/+54
* Add template text to \fn commands in QVarLengthArrayMartin Smith2017-12-011-75/+75
* Disable some implicit conversions with QT_RESTRICTED_CAST_FROM_ASCIIAlexander Volkov2017-12-011-0/+4
* QMetaObject::Connection: mark move ctors Q_DECL_NOTHROWMarc Mutz2017-12-011-4/+2
* Add template text to \fn commands in container classesMartin Smith2017-12-016-761/+882
* Clean up in TZP-Win's calculateTransitionLocalDate()Edward Welbourne2017-11-301-19/+28
* Pull several structs and static functions into an anonymous namespaceEdward Welbourne2017-11-301-22/+24
* Fake a "first transition" at the start of timeEdward Welbourne2017-11-301-0/+9
* Avoid underflow on arithmetic with possibly-first transition timesEdward Welbourne2017-11-301-2/+2
* Take account of single-transition hacks in MS time-zone APIsEdward Welbourne2017-11-302-17/+106
* QWinTimeZonePrivate: make transition searches more efficientEdward Welbourne2017-11-301-125/+83
* Refine handling of wMonth checks in QWinTimeZonePrivateEdward Welbourne2017-11-301-6/+28
* Tidy up QDateTimeParser code to make it easier to reason aboutEdward Welbourne2017-11-301-9/+10
* QDateTimeParser: reject all short values in fixed-width fieldsEdward Welbourne2017-11-301-1/+2
* Raise the upper bound on years to 9999Edward Welbourne2017-11-302-3/+3
* Mutex-lock QLocale's update of its globalLocaleDataEdward Welbourne2017-11-301-6/+17
* Optimize QThread::isInterruptionRequested()Marc Mutz2017-11-302-5/+10
* QSortFilterProxyModel: Clear persistent indexes on source model changeChristian Ehrlicher2017-11-301-1/+4
* QItemSelectionRange: speedup intersects() in negative caseChristian Ehrlicher2017-11-301-4/+6
* Replace qrand() engine with C++11 <random> LCG and deprecateThiago Macieira2017-11-301-83/+59
* Create a QNX version of calculateUnixPriorityJames McDonnell2017-11-301-0/+54
* Mark some functions as coldMarc Mutz2017-11-303-3/+18
* QThread::requestInterruption(): move qWarning() out of critical sectionMarc Mutz2017-11-301-4/+4
* Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.10' into dev" into refs/staging...Liang Qi2017-11-3012-63/+66
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.10' into devLiang Qi2017-11-3012-63/+66
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| | * Correct \since value for QIODevice::skipAndy Shaw2017-11-291-1/+1