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* | Remove binary compat qimage methodsAllan Sandfeld Jensen2019-06-191-3/+0
* Get rid of argb32->argb32pm routines in qimageAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-05-071-3/+0
* Avoid code duplication in QImage{Reader,Writer}Alexander Volkov2018-02-111-0/+2
* Convert to QT_[REQUIRE_]CONFIGStephan Binner2017-05-291-2/+4
* use helper libs via QMAKE_USEOswald Buddenhagen2016-10-151-1/+1
* Use qtConfig throughout in qtbaseLars Knoll2016-08-191-1/+1
* Darwin: Add QImage::toCGImage() conversion functionMorten Johan Sørvig2016-08-111-0/+2
* Remove unused NativeImageAllan Sandfeld Jensen2016-07-141-2/+0
* Always build JPEG and GIF support as pluginsLars Knoll2016-04-071-5/+5
* Add AVX2 autovectorized versions of premultiplyAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-03-101-0/+2
* Rewrite simd.prf to share more codeThiago Macieira2014-07-251-4/+2
* Restore Neon "detection" in QtThiago Macieira2014-07-251-3/+1
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| * MIPS DSP build system fix and additional optimizations.lpapuga2014-01-141-0/+2
* | Remove runtime detection of Neon on ARM CPUsThiago Macieira2014-01-161-1/+3
* | Remove runtime detection of SSE2Thiago Macieira2014-01-161-2/+4
* | Clean up qimage.cpp by moving all the conversions methods outAllan Sandfeld Jensen2014-01-101-0/+1
* | Inplace versions of QImage rgbSwapped() and mirrored() for rvalue refsAllan Sandfeld Jensen2014-01-081-0/+3
* | Remove the files building AVX codeThiago Macieira2013-12-101-1/+0
* WinRT: Basic global supportAndrew Knight2013-09-201-1/+1
* Add AVX support for the painting and image code.Thiago Macieira2012-05-221-0/+1
* QIcon: move back to QtGuiOlivier Goffart2012-05-181-1/+11
* Expose QPA API under qpa/*Girish Ramakrishnan2012-05-071-1/+1
* Remove internal class QVolatileImage.Laszlo Agocs2012-02-291-6/+1
* Introduce QScreen::grabWindow(), deprecate QPixmap::grabWindow().Friedemann Kleint2012-02-091-1/+0
* Moving tiff image format support and libtiff out of qtbaseaavit2012-01-311-1/+0
* Remove support for the MNG file format and the bundled libmngaavit2012-01-251-1/+0
* Remove Symbian specific code from QtGui.Xizhi Zhu2012-01-241-6/+1
* QtGui: Bring back HBITMAP/HICON conversion functions.Friedemann Kleint2011-11-281-0/+1
* Gui/OpenGL: Remove remains of qpa from profiles.Friedemann Kleint2011-10-311-18/+1
* Remove nativeimagehandleprovider.Samuel Rødal2011-07-271-2/+1
* Rename QPixmapData to QPlatformPixmap.Samuel Rødal2011-07-191-4/+2
* Compile fix for QtGui when configure with -qpa on WindowsOlli Werwolff2011-05-261-4/+4
* QPixmapFilter will live in QtWidgetsLars Knoll2011-05-051-2/+0
* moving some more files around.Lars Knoll2011-05-041-9/+0
* QWS removal, part 2Lars Knoll2011-05-021-3/+0
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