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* QInputMethodEvent::Attribute: mark as Q_MOVABLE_TYPEMarc Mutz2012-03-011-0/+1
* QEvent (and subclasses): make ctors explicitMarc Mutz2012-03-011-21/+21
* QWheelEvent high-resolution delta support.Morten Johan Sorvig2012-02-241-6/+18
* Remove many deprecated methodsLars Knoll2012-01-311-0/+4
* Remove "All rights reserved" line from license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-301-1/+1
* Remove use of QT_MODULE from libraryGunnar Sletta2012-01-251-1/+0
* Make coordinates float based where it makes sense.Lars Knoll2012-01-251-15/+21
* Update contact information in license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-231-1/+1
* Added application flags to translate between touch and mouse events.Samuel Rødal2012-01-131-3/+1
* Update copyright year in license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-051-1/+1
* Remove non-const getters marked for elimination.Robin Burchell2011-12-271-4/+0
* Fix for -Werror -WshadowDavid Faure2011-12-221-1/+1
* Store the primary status in the touch point flags.Laszlo Agocs2011-12-121-1/+2
* Remove QWidget dependency from QTouchEvent.Laszlo Agocs2011-12-091-3/+3
* Extend touch events.Laszlo Agocs2011-12-091-6/+23
* Document QInputMethodQueryEvent classPekka Vuorela2011-11-101-2/+2
* Support tentative commit string with input method.Pekka Vuorela2011-11-051-0/+3
* Fix two typos: docu for "deprecated since" and Q_DEPR... -> QT_DEPR...David Faure2011-10-221-1/+1
* Remove Q_WS_ and Q_OS_SYMBIAN from QtGui.Friedemann Kleint2011-10-131-6/+0
* Added Orientation API to QScreen and QWindow.Samuel Rødal2011-10-071-12/+4
* Get rid of the last traces of QMimeSourceLars Knoll2011-09-291-12/+0
* Change the QInputMethodQueryEvent to be able to query a set of propertiesLars Knoll2011-09-081-6/+11
* Add timestamp to QInputEvent.Laszlo Agocs2011-09-051-0/+3
* Refactor QMouseEvent to contain the position inside the windowLars Knoll2011-09-011-11/+25
* Touch event support for QWindow.Laszlo Agocs2011-08-311-0/+4
* Merge remote branch 'gerrit/master' into refactorLars Knoll2011-07-061-25/+52
| * Add QScreenOrientationChangeEvent and rotation support to wayland clientLasse Holmstedt2011-07-041-0/+24
| * make QHoverEvent inherit from QInputEventLars Knoll2011-06-301-2/+2
| * Use floating point coordinates in eventsLars Knoll2011-06-271-24/+27
* | add QInputMethodQueryEventLars Knoll2011-06-221-0/+16
* | Made QExposeEvent public and added exposeEvent() in QWindow.Samuel Rødal2011-06-221-0/+11
* | Implement QDropEvent::source() againLars Knoll2011-06-071-1/+1
* | Merge remote branch 'staging/master' into refactorPaul Olav Tvete2011-05-241-17/+17
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| * Update licenseheader text in source files for qtbase Qt moduleJyri Tahtela2011-05-241-17/+17
* | remove an unused classLars Knoll2011-05-201-13/+0
* | move files in src/gui into their final locationsLars Knoll2011-05-111-0/+812
* | split kernel/ up according to the future library splitLars Knoll2011-05-041-865/+0
* | remove more QT3_SUPPORT codeLars Knoll2011-05-031-77/+0
* Initial import from the monolithic Qt.Qt by Nokia2011-04-271-0/+942