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* Limit curve stroking threshold to reasonable rangeEirik Aavitsland2019-08-141-1/+1
* Refactor lockedAlphaMapForGlyphLars Knoll2019-08-081-10/+25
* Fix QPainter's ColorDodge and ColorBurn composition modesPavel Artsishevsky2019-08-021-6/+18
* Make the warning in QBackingStore::endPaint() a little more helpfulShawn Rutledge2019-07-221-1/+1
* Protect against integer overflow in painting transformed imagesAllan Sandfeld Jensen2019-07-191-5/+22
* Support pen color with color fontsEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2019-07-053-7/+7
* Fix raster paint error in path joins of tightly bending bezier curvesEirik Aavitsland2019-06-141-1/+1
* Raster paint engine: optimize rect clippingLars Knoll2019-06-112-33/+54
* Guard against numerical overflow when processing QPainterPathsEirik Aavitsland2019-05-151-19/+38
* Fix QRasterBuffer::scanLine miscalculation with big imagesJoni Poikelin2019-05-141-1/+1
* Add unvectorized fallback in case FP exceptions are not maskedAllan Sandfeld Jensen2019-05-101-0/+18
* Fix possible endless loop when stroking curvesEirik Aavitsland2019-05-081-3/+3
* Fix aliased painting with non-uniform scalingEirik Aavitsland2019-04-251-1/+1
* Avoid hanging on painting dashed lines with non-finite coordinatesEirik Aavitsland2019-04-252-0/+5
* macOS: Clean up and deduplicate QMacCGContextTor Arne Vestbø2019-04-192-101/+93
* Remove noisy warning for undefined QGradient presetEirik Aavitsland2019-04-051-3/+1
* Fix assert/crash when creating QBrush with null QGradientEirik Aavitsland2019-04-011-4/+8
* Fix alpha blending regression with WA_StacksOnTop QOpenGLWidgetsLaszlo Agocs2019-03-301-0/+5
* Speculative fix for building on INTEGRITY with ARM NEONAllan Sandfeld Jensen2019-03-292-17/+30
* Don't split bezier curves that are already just a lineAllan Sandfeld Jensen2019-03-051-2/+3
* Fix assert when drawing lines with extreme coordinatesEirik Aavitsland2019-02-251-3/+1
* QBackingStore: Make QPlatformBackingStore creation lazyTor Arne Vestbø2019-02-131-10/+13
* Don't allow backingstore flush to non-raster surfacesTor Arne Vestbø2019-02-121-0/+18
* Doc: decrease confusion about HSV vs HSL in QColorEirik Aavitsland2019-02-051-29/+37
* Fix QColor::toCmyk() for rgb(0, 0, 0)Eirik Aavitsland2019-02-051-17/+22
* Painter path stroking: fix capping of beziers ending in tight turnsEirik Aavitsland2019-02-051-13/+14
* QtGui: Unify license headersKai Koehne2019-01-292-2/+2
* Always unlock graphics buffer after binding texture during composeAndFlushTor Arne Vestbø2019-01-241-0/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12.1' into 5.12Qt Forward Merge Bot2019-01-231-3/+4
| * Fix PDF generation for locales using comma as decimal separatorAndre de la Rocha2019-01-081-3/+4
* | Fix change-of-sign warnings in ICC 19Thiago Macieira2019-01-231-1/+1
* | Documentation: Add \nullptr macro and use where applicableFriedemann Kleint2019-01-101-1/+1
* Fix warnings about uninitialized variables - qrgba64_p.hLiang Qi2019-01-071-4/+4
* Don't dither antialiasing on glyphs when converting to monoEskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt2018-12-211-1/+1
* Avoid crash in blitting or fast draw when QPointF is too bigAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-12-111-0/+8
* Allow overriding the maximum cached glyph size via the environmentTor Arne Vestbø2018-12-081-2/+7
* Fix alignment of temporary QRgba64 buffers on win32Allan Sandfeld Jensen2018-11-301-32/+32
* macOS: Share code for resolving CGImage bitmapInfor for a QImageTor Arne Vestbø2018-11-282-15/+35
* macOS: Fix use of deprecated enum valueTor Arne Vestbø2018-11-281-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12.0' into 5.12Liang Qi2018-11-161-1/+1
| * Doc: Qt GUI: Fix documentation warningsTopi Reinio2018-11-061-1/+1
* | Fix precision in parsing hex format QColorsAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-11-121-43/+43
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11' into 5.12Liang Qi2018-11-091-1/+1
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| * | Fix typo in define. s/GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRB/GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGBSergio Martins2018-11-071-1/+1
* | | Fix docJarek Kobus2018-10-311-1/+1
* | | Fix painter opacity being ignored when rendering to PDFAndre de la Rocha2018-10-301-2/+24
| |/ |/|
* | qtriangulator: Remove a bunch of dead codeIvan Komissarov2018-10-221-22/+8
* | Extend PDF engine to allow the generation of PDFs with huge pagesAndre de la Rocha2018-10-225-11/+47
* | qimagescale: Get rid of the memset callIvan Komissarov2018-10-212-5/+5
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11' into 5.12Qt Forward Merge Bot2018-10-211-0/+6
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