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* Make QAccessibleInterface::indexOfChild() 0-based.Frederik Gladhorn2012-01-114-46/+30
* Accessiblity State as bit field.Frederik Gladhorn2012-01-105-46/+49
* Remove all references to QAccessible:: {Child|Ancestor|Sibling}Jan-Arve Saether2012-01-069-219/+78
* Constify more accessibility interface functions.Frederik Gladhorn2012-01-066-64/+64
* Image interface functions should be const.Frederik Gladhorn2012-01-062-6/+6
* Remove Cursor functions from invokeMethod.Frederik Gladhorn2012-01-064-42/+0
* Update copyright year in license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-0513-13/+13
* Remove old accessible itemviews code.Frederik Gladhorn2012-01-042-1501/+0
* Accessibility: childAt returns interfaceFrederik Gladhorn2011-12-198-91/+57
* Finish removing virtual child integersBradley T. Hughes2011-12-136-13/+13
* Do not assert on invalid model index.Frederik Gladhorn2011-12-091-6/+2
* Create a class to contain accessibilty enums.Frederik Gladhorn2011-12-0813-319/+314
* Clean formatting.Frederik Gladhorn2011-12-022-14/+15
* Accessibility: table2 -> tableFrederik Gladhorn2011-12-023-126/+126
* Make cell a proper QAccessible2Interface.Frederik Gladhorn2011-12-012-12/+20
* Fix casting. Casting is now done through the virtual interface_cast.Jan-Arve Saether2011-11-3012-16/+76
* Fix navigate returning invalid pointer.Frederik Gladhorn2011-11-241-1/+1
* Remove virtual child integers.Frederik Gladhorn2011-11-2313-744/+287
* Accessible widgets: Fix warning.Friedemann Kleint2011-11-231-1/+1
* Accessibility: Clean up usage of navigate.Frederik Gladhorn2011-11-214-42/+32
* QtGui: Fix compilation with gcc 4.4Friedemann Kleint2011-11-033-22/+22
* Add default actions to QAccessibleWidget.Frederik Gladhorn2011-10-273-13/+15
* Implement child instead of navigate in QAccessibleMainWindow.Frederik Gladhorn2011-10-262-14/+11
* Refactor QAccessibleActionInterface.Frederik Gladhorn2011-10-198-471/+174
* Remove stale documentation.Casper van Donderen2011-10-181-41/+0
* Remove stale documentation and fix qdoc errors.Casper van Donderen2011-10-113-52/+0
* Use child/parent function in QAccessibleWidget and test.Frederik Gladhorn2011-10-062-16/+9
* Simplify QAccessibleAbstractScrollArea and Calendar.Frederik Gladhorn2011-10-034-135/+54
* Rename description to localizedDescription in Action interface.Frederik Gladhorn2011-10-034-7/+8
* Use interfaces in QAccessibleWidget childAt.Frederik Gladhorn2011-10-032-10/+0
* Refactor accessibility for Qt5Jan-Arve Saether2011-09-296-6/+9
* Fix compiler warnings.Friedemann Kleint2011-09-281-0/+4
* Simplify QAccessibleTextEdit.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-282-474/+400
* Always return something.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-281-0/+1
* Remove dead code from QAccessibleTabBar.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-282-84/+17
* QAccessibleToolButton fixes.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-282-106/+121
* Simplify QAccessibleDial and make it inherit QAccessibleAbstractSlider.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-272-120/+5
* Simplify QAccessibleSpinboxes.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-272-131/+4
* Accessible ComboBox: remove virt children, add actions.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-233-117/+65
* Accessible SpinBox remove dead code.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-232-144/+5
* Accessible Slider: Remove virtual children.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-212-127/+3
* Accessible Scrollbar: Remove virtual children, value interfaceFrederik Gladhorn2011-09-212-124/+2
* Add parent and child functions to QAccessibleInterface.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-199-376/+347
* Accessibility: TabWidget - remove virt children, add action interface.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-162-73/+159
* The Q_WS_X11 define exists no longer. Use Q_OS_UNIX.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-152-3/+3
* Remove AccessibleEx classes.Frederik Gladhorn2011-09-1513-189/+189
* Merge remote branch 'gerrit/master' into refactorSamuel Rødal2011-08-291-1/+1
| * Incorrect property name in QAccessibleAbstractSpinBox::setCurrentValueJosé Millán Soto2011-08-261-1/+1
* | Merge branch 'master' into refactorGunnar Sletta2011-08-258-61/+1550
|\ \ | |/
| * Do not expose text when echo mode is not Normal.José Millán Soto2011-08-231-0/+4