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* Port users of QDBusAbstractInterface::(async)callWithArgumentList() to new va...Marc Mutz2019-08-071-10/+5
* More nullptr usage in headersKevin Funk2019-03-141-5/+5
* Normalize some SIGNAL/SLOT signaturesJoerg Bornemann2019-02-061-1/+1
* Use new QStringList::contains(QL1S)Anton Kudryavtsev2017-03-201-1/+1
* bearer plugins: eradicate Java-style iterators and Q_FOREACHMarc Mutz2016-09-021-6/+6
* bearer plugins: fix uses of inefficient QListsMarc Mutz2016-02-171-1/+6
* Updated license headersJani Heikkinen2016-01-152-28/+40
* Use const-ref in foreach if T is big or non-trivialSérgio Martins2015-07-041-2/+2
* Replace #ifdefs with qmake feature checks.Ulf Hermann2015-06-222-4/+0
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4' into 5.5Liang Qi2015-03-311-14/+14
| * Fix a crash in connman bearer backend on d'tor when using QStringLiteralLorn Potter2015-03-221-14/+14
* | Update copyright headersJani Heikkinen2015-02-112-14/+14
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4' into devFrederik Gladhorn2014-11-242-8/+4
* QtBearer networkmanager make sure to set flag ActiveLorn Potter2014-11-202-0/+14
* Support dual sim in QtBearer's networkmanager backendLorn Potter2014-11-062-1/+9
* Use a property cache to cut down on blocking callsLorn Potter2014-11-062-0/+565