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* QtBearer networkmanager make sure to set flag ActiveLorn Potter2014-11-205-103/+249
* make qtbearer networkmanager defaultConfiguration more reliableLorn Potter2014-11-073-0/+17
* Make QtBearer networkmanager backend respond to wired cabling changesLorn Potter2014-11-074-42/+124
* Support dual sim in QtBearer's networkmanager backendLorn Potter2014-11-062-45/+51
* Use a property cache to cut down on blocking callsLorn Potter2014-11-067-653/+750
* Make networkmanager bearer backend work betterLorn Potter2014-10-276-221/+346
* Add better mobile connections to QtBearer NetworkManager backend.Lorn Potter2014-10-213-9/+142
* update QtBearer NetworkManager backend APILorn Potter2014-10-214-84/+79
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