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* Remove the qmake project filesJoerg Bornemann2021-01-071-124/+0
* Move eglconvenience to QtGuiFriedemann Kleint2020-07-131-2/+1
* Move Unix font databases into QtGuiFriedemann Kleint2020-06-151-1/+1
* Move the UNIX event dispatchers into QtGuiFriedemann Kleint2020-06-101-1/+1
* Basic foreign window support for QNXJames McDonnell2019-05-011-0/+2
* Make use of our egl convenience code for QNX QPAAdam Treat2018-02-081-2/+2
* Fix pps and imf support for QNX buildsKarim Pinter2017-12-191-10/+10
* OpenGL function lookup for QNXJames McDonnell2017-05-071-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.8' into devLiang Qi2016-11-021-6/+3
| * port to modularized platformsupport librariesOswald Buddenhagen2016-10-151-1/+3
| * cleanup related to transitive dependenciesOswald Buddenhagen2016-10-151-5/+0
* | [QNX] Incorporate screen event threadRafael Roquetto2016-10-311-10/+4
* Use qtConfig throughout in qtbaseLars Knoll2016-08-191-1/+1
* employ QMAKE_USE: LIBS += -lfooOswald Buddenhagen2016-08-191-3/+3
* Remove remaining support for BlackberryLouai Al-Khanji2015-11-211-42/+9
* Remove BlackBerry PlayBook support.Rafael Roquetto2015-02-201-11/+7
* QNX: Don't build QNX-only parts on BlackBerryBernd Weimer2014-05-121-8/+12
* deprecate import_qpa_plugin and qpa_minimal_pluginOswald Buddenhagen2014-04-241-0/+1
* Blackberry: Change name from QQnxTheme to QBlackberryThemeFabian Bumberger2014-03-071-2/+2
* QNX: Add support for lgmonBernd Weimer2014-02-141-1/+8
* [QNX] Introduce proper screen error handlingFabian Bumberger2014-01-281-2/+4
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devFrederik Gladhorn2013-11-261-16/+3
| * Add PPS configure checkAndreas Holzammer2013-11-231-3/+0
| * QNX: Only link libclipboard when building with clipboard supportFrank Osterfeld2013-11-231-1/+2
| * Refactor QQnxWindowFabian Bumberger2013-11-111-3/+0
| * enable PPS keyboard implementation also for plain QNXFrank Osterfeld2013-11-041-12/+4
* | Add support for BB10 input method frameworkRoger Maclean2013-10-251-1/+2
* Added support for cover windows on BlackBerry platformBernd Weimer2013-09-201-2/+5
* Split QQnxWindow into QQnxEglWindow and QQnxRasterWindowFabian Bumberger2013-09-181-5/+10
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devFrederik Gladhorn2013-05-231-1/+1
| * QNX: Fixed build of QPA pluginBernd Weimer2013-05-221-1/+1
| * QNX: QQnxCursor implementation.Rafael Roquetto2013-02-281-2/+5
* | Do not build QQnxScreenEventThread when not neededFabian Bumberger2013-04-111-6/+10
* | BlackBerry: Native BB10 QFileDialog supportRafael Roquetto2013-03-271-2/+13
* | Merge branch 'stable' into devFrederik Gladhorn2013-01-041-1/+2
|\ \ | |/
| * Consistently prefix all platform plugin libraries with "q".Samuel Rødal2012-12-111-1/+1
| * Add PLUGIN_CLASS_NAME to qtbase pluginsMiikka Heikkinen2012-12-101-0/+1
* | QNX: QQnxCursor implementation.Rafael Roquetto2012-12-131-2/+5
* beef up qt_plugin.prfOswald Buddenhagen2012-11-011-4/+1
* remove last traces of qpluginbase.priOswald Buddenhagen2012-10-261-1/+2
* QNX: Enable support for hardware buttons in QPA pluginSean Harmer2012-09-071-2/+5
* QNX: Remove dependency on QtWidgets from QNX QPA pluginSean Harmer2012-08-011-9/+3
* Disable dedicated screen event thread by default.Rafael Roquetto2012-07-051-3/+3
* [QNX] Enable MT screen event handling on BlackberryRafael Roquetto2012-06-261-0/+6
* QNX: Adding native file dialog support for BlackberrySean Harmer2012-05-261-2/+5
* QNX: Rationalise the usage of qDebug() to remove lots of #ifdef'sSean Harmer2012-05-251-4/+5
* Adding QPlatformTheme support for Blackberry devices.Sean Harmer2012-05-191-2/+6
* Add implementation of virtual keyboard based on BPS eventsKevin Krammer2012-05-021-4/+6
* Register for and handle screen events delivered through BPSKevin Krammer2012-05-011-3/+3
* Use BPS based event dispatcherKevin Krammer2012-04-301-2/+7