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* Transfer the key handling logic to QWasmWindowMikolaj Boc2023-02-071-339/+0
* Add QString<->emscripten::val conversion functionsMikolaj Boc2023-01-131-1/+0
* Fix the handling of dead keys on WASMMikolaj Boc2022-12-271-6/+7
* Resize wasm windows using a div outlineMikolaj Boc2022-12-051-23/+0
* Use the qt type Qt::Edges instead of wasm-specificMikolaj Boc2022-08-241-11/+13
* Deliver correct key code on key release on WASMMikolaj Boc2022-08-101-22/+45
* Refactor QWasmEventTranslator for added readabilityMikolaj Boc2022-08-101-114/+83
* Add missing characters with diacritics to the WASM mapping tableMikolaj Boc2022-08-091-1/+4
* Use the dead Mac path in QWasmEventTranslator::translateDeadKeyMikolaj Boc2022-08-011-2/+2
* Improve window dragging on WASMMikolaj Boc2022-07-251-48/+0
* Refactor code focused around QWasmCompositor::processMouseMikolaj Boc2022-07-151-12/+0
* wasm: Fix up namespacing in wasm platform pluginLorn Potter2022-06-181-2/+2
* wasm: fix unicode inputLorn Potter2022-06-181-7/+7
* wasm: move CTRL <-> META comment into right placeMorten Sørvig2022-05-241-0/+3
* Use SPDX license identifiersLucie Gérard2022-05-161-28/+2
* Move input event logic into QWasmCompositorDavid Skoland2022-01-171-532/+70
* wasm: ensure cursor reverts after window resizeLorn Potter2022-01-121-4/+18
* wasm: Use new event dispatcher for QtGuiMorten Johan Sørvig2021-12-231-6/+0
* wasm: improve clipboard supportLorn Potter2021-12-081-3/+8
* wasm: fix mouse move and right clickLorn Potter2021-11-271-4/+8
* Remove unreachable breaksDavid Skoland2021-11-101-5/+0
* wasm: fix changing cursor shapeLorn Potter2021-10-291-3/+0
* Add comment about the meaning of magic number in QWasmEventTranslatorDavid Skoland2021-10-181-0/+5
* wasm: fix mouse, touch and wheel event propagationLorn Potter2021-06-261-10/+12
* wasm: map named key attribute “Meta” to Qt::Key_MetaMorten Sørvig2021-06-021-0/+1
* wasm: fix unicode keyboard handlingLorn Potter2021-05-121-145/+9
* Remove Qt6 ifdef switches from pluginsAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-05-071-6/+0
* Add missing case for ResizeNoneMorten Sørvig2021-04-301-0/+3
* wasm: fix resizing of qwidget windowsLorn Potter2020-11-231-1/+34
* wasm: fix mouse double clickLorn Potter2020-11-231-5/+12
* wasm: deregister event handlersLorn Potter2020-08-251-0/+21
* wasm: fix natural scrolling on macLorn Potter2020-08-111-1/+1
* Refactor pointer event hierarchyShawn Rutledge2020-07-101-6/+6
* Add ; to Q_UNUSEDLars Schmertmann2020-07-071-1/+1
* wasm: fix handling on int dead keys on macLorn Potter2020-06-291-12/+15
* wasm: search emscripten key firstLorn Potter2020-06-291-8/+9
* Introduce QInputDevice hierarchy; replace QTouchDeviceShawn Rutledge2020-06-161-4/+4
* wasm: store and pass canvases as emscripten::valMorten Johan Sørvig2020-02-121-3/+1
* wasm: Specify event targets by CSS selectors; Support emsdk >= 1.39.5Morten Johan Sørvig2020-02-051-13/+12
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.14' into 5.15Qt Forward Merge Bot2020-01-281-2/+4
| * wasm: fix redundant string conversions between wasm and JavaScriptAlexandra Cherdantseva2020-01-221-2/+4
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.14' into 5.15Qt Forward Merge Bot2020-01-151-5/+7
| * wasm: do not get canvas as property of js global objectAlexandra Cherdantseva2020-01-131-5/+7
* | wasm: futureproof EmscriptenMouseEventLorn Potter2020-01-091-2/+2
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.13' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2019-07-271-13/+13
| * wasm: fix international dead keysLorn Potter2019-07-231-13/+13
* | QWasmEventTranslator: return Key_unknown, not 0x00, when a key isn't foundMarc Mutz2019-07-171-1/+1
* | QWasmEventTranslator: replace five QHash with constexpr C arraysMarc Mutz2019-07-161-5/+59
* wasm: handle mouse events even when not over a windowLorn Potter2019-05-301-4/+7
* wasm: install one browser window resize handlerMorten Johan Sørvig2019-05-141-18/+0