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* Remove winrtOliver Wolff2020-06-061-194/+0
* winrt: Use ES3 ANGLE code path when blitting widgetsOliver Wolff2019-02-081-4/+3
* WinRT QPA: Fix crash in QWinRTBackingStore::flush()Andre de la Rocha2018-10-121-1/+4
* Add logging for QPlatformBackingStore::composeAndFlushTor Arne Vestbø2018-08-071-10/+7
* Unify license header usage.Jani Heikkinen2016-03-291-12/+15
* winrt: add logging to platform pluginMaurice Kalinowski2016-02-171-0/+13
* WinRT: Add support for QOpenGLWidgetLaszlo Agocs2015-11-021-1/+2
* ANGLE: Fix winrt backing store to support feature level 9_3 devices.Samuel Nevala2015-10-241-6/+5
* Updated WinRT license headers to use LGPLv3 instead of LGPLv21Jani Heikkinen2015-05-201-10/+13
* Update copyright headersJani Heikkinen2015-02-111-7/+7
* Update license headers and add new license filesMatti Paaso2014-09-241-19/+11
* winrt: Fix backing store blitAndrew Knight2014-08-111-4/+4
* winrt: Refactor backing storeAndrew Knight2014-08-071-283/+76
* WinRT: Support High-DPIAndrew Knight2014-05-221-11/+11
* WinRT: Separate backing store initialization to be more robustAndrew Knight2014-03-141-5/+27
* WinRT: Fix backing store for latest ANGLEAndrew Knight2014-02-261-27/+3
* Windows RT and Windows Phone QPAAndrew Knight2013-10-021-0/+393