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* QGraphicsScene: register ItemIndexMethod enum for propertyFabian Kosmale2019-09-181-1/+1
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* QtWidgets/Graphics-/ItemViews: mark obsolete functions as deprecatedChristian Ehrlicher2019-02-051-2/+4
* QGraphicsScene: Make focusing on touchBegin optionalUlf Hermann2018-10-041-0/+4
* Introduce QT6_VIRTUAL and QT6_NOT_VIRTUAL macrosSergio Martins2018-02-051-5/+1
* Replace Q_NULLPTR with nullptr where possibleKevin Funk2017-09-191-6/+6
* Replace Q_DECL_OVERRIDE with override where possibleKevin Funk2017-09-191-2/+2
* Convert features.graphicsview to QT_[REQUIRE_]CONFIGStephan Binner2017-08-151-5/+2
* Add qtwidgetsglobal.h and qtwidgetsglobal_p.hLars Knoll2016-07-141-0/+1
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* Make QWidget *=0, Qt::WindowFlags f=0 functions use Q_NULLPTRMarc Mutz2015-07-041-1/+1
* Mark QGraphicsScene::focusNextPrevChild as virtual in Qt 6Giuseppe D'Angelo2015-05-061-0/+4
* Update copyright headersJani Heikkinen2015-02-111-7/+7
* Extend selections in QGraphicsView when selection extension key downAndy Maloney2015-01-131-0/+2
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* Revert "Speed up the removal of items from a QGraphicsScene"Dimitar Asenov2014-09-031-1/+0
* Speed up the removal of items from a QGraphicsSceneDimitar Asenov2014-06-161-0/+1
* Add a new optimization property to QGraphicsSceneDimitar Asenov2014-03-181-0/+4
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* Remove obsolete or commented use of Q_DECLARE_METATYPE.Stephen Kelly2012-07-241-2/+0
* Fix compiler warnings when simply including qgraphicsscene.hSimon Hausmann2012-05-271-1/+2
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* Update copyright year in license headers.Jason McDonald2012-01-051-1/+1
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