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* fix "paintEngine: Should no longer be called" warnings on WindowsJoerg Bornemann2012-07-091-1/+1
* Remove Library dependency on SettingsTasuku Suzuki2012-07-091-2/+2
* fix fullscreen state in QWidgetWindow::handleWindowStateChangedEventJoerg Bornemann2012-07-091-2/+0
* Doc: Replace all occurences of \BR with \br.Casper van Donderen2012-07-061-76/+76
* Update framestrut initially after window creationMiikka Heikkinen2012-07-061-0/+7
* QHeaderView - resizeSection improvementThorbjørn Lund Martsum2012-07-052-1/+16
* Support for overlay-scrollbars on MacChristoph Schleifenbaum2012-07-056-40/+449
* QHeaderView - prevent negative default+minimum section sizesThorbjørn Lund Martsum2012-07-041-0/+4
* Make QGenericPlugin and QGenericPluginFactory public APIGirish Ramakrishnan2012-07-041-1/+0
* Platform-plugin support for QSystemTrayIcon.Christoph Schleifenbaum2012-07-039-581/+116
* Fix focus handling when the application has QAxWidgets.Miikka Heikkinen2012-07-032-18/+19
* Implement automatic mouse grabbing on mouse button press.Miikka Heikkinen2012-07-033-1/+30
* Fix QDockWidgets on XCB.Friedemann Kleint2012-07-031-16/+21
* Suppress QWindowSystemInterface inclusion warnings.Girish Ramakrishnan2012-07-032-4/+4
* fix QWidget::grab(QRect(x, y, -1, -1))Joerg Bornemann2012-07-031-1/+5
* revive the noPaintOnScreen fix on WindowsJoerg Bornemann2012-07-033-5/+28
* Remove _qpa from cpp filenamesGirish Ramakrishnan2012-07-034-2/+2
* remove unused variable from QPlainTextEdit::paintEventJoerg Bornemann2012-07-031-1/+0
* Store the QMetaObject with the QMetaType.Stephen Kelly2012-07-011-0/+3
* Support the showIsFullScreen style hint in widgets.Thomas McGuire2012-06-302-13/+26
* Move QStandardItem/QStandardItemModel to QtGuiGiuseppe D'Angelo2012-06-295-3782/+1
* Add framestrut mouse events.Friedemann Kleint2012-06-293-0/+20
* Make QCalendarWidget use its locale's firstDayOfWeek.Mitch Curtis2012-06-281-3/+5
* Further fixes to widget maskingMiikka Heikkinen2012-06-281-0/+3
* Move the QDataStream operator<< for QPair to qdatastream.hThiago Macieira2012-06-282-0/+3
* Get started with patching up the Qt GUI docsGunnar Sletta2012-06-281-1/+67
* Widgets: Apply masks to native windows only.Friedemann Kleint2012-06-271-10/+2
* Add const & to foreach 'iterators'Albert Astals Cid2012-06-271-1/+1
* Remove .values() call in foreachAlbert Astals Cid2012-06-271-1/+1
* Fix raising and lowering native widgetsMiikka Heikkinen2012-06-271-2/+2
* Convert QPA menus to use QIcon, and enable icons.James Turner2012-06-271-1/+2
* Remove some unused variables from QAccessibleWidgetPrivateJan-Arve Saether2012-06-262-72/+3
* Clarified documentation for QStandardItem::parent()Markku Heikkila2012-06-261-1/+3
* QPlatformWindow: Add Window masks.Friedemann Kleint2012-06-261-3/+18
* Make QGtkStyle build with QT_NO_FILEDIALOGSukhyun Kim2012-06-263-0/+12
* Fixed inputMethodQuery() for Qt::ImHintsTasuku Suzuki2012-06-262-20/+36
* Fix docs mentioning Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN2Lars Knoll2012-06-251-1/+1
* Make qtbase compile with QT_NO_CSSPARSERTasuku Suzuki2012-06-241-0/+1
* Fixed mouse grabbing preventing popups from being closed.Samuel Rødal2012-06-211-1/+3
* Remove references to Q_WS_QWSGirish Ramakrishnan2012-06-206-47/+5
* plastique: Use QPlatformTheme::DialogButtonBoxButtonsHaveIconsGirish Ramakrishnan2012-06-201-3/+6
* Remove dead codeGirish Ramakrishnan2012-06-201-4/+0
* Fix QWidgetWindow sending duplicate drag-drop eventsJames Turner2012-06-201-1/+1
* Mac: Fix rendering of non-int sized fonts.Eike Ziller2012-06-202-17/+24
* Merge "Merge branch 'buildsystem'" into refs/staging/masterOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-201-12/+12
| * fix misnomer: qt_module.prf => qt_build_config.prfOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-1/+1
| * automatically add QT_BUILD_FOO_LIB to DEFINESOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-1/+1
| * clean up projects from QPRO_PWD nonsense, etc.Oswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-1/+0
| * auto-generate QMAKE_PKGCONFIG_REQUIRES and QMAKE_PKGCONFIG_DESCRIPTIONOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-2/+0
| * move QMAKE_PKGCONFIG_VARIABLES stuff out of qt_module_config.prfOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-0/+7