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* Add binary compatibility files for qtbase 5.14 branchMilla Pohjanheimo2019-12-2011-0/+105821
* Add binary compatibility files for Qt5.13.0 for QtBaseMilla Pohjanheimo2019-08-1411-0/+105327
* Add binary compatibility files for 5.12 for QtBaseMilla Pohjanheimo2018-12-2111-0/+101252
* Add binary compatibility files for 5.11 for QtBaseMilla Pohjanheimo2018-06-0511-0/+100472
* Add binary compatibility files for QtBase for 5.10Milla Pohjanheimo2018-01-0411-0/+100442
* Update binary compatibility files for Qt 5.9.0 for QtBaseMilla Pohjanheimo2017-08-1411-0/+96911
* Binary compatibility files for QtBase (5.8.0)Milla Pohjanheimo2017-02-1411-0/+96721
* BIC data files for QtBase for Qt 5.7Milla Pohjanheimo2016-10-0311-0/+96381
* Data files for binary compatibility tests updated for Qt 5.6Milla Pohjanheimo2016-09-3011-0/+92679
* bic: Add 5.{1,2,3,4}.0 bic data for linux-gcc-amd64Sergio Ahumada2015-02-1466-167900/+358023
* test: Add 5.1.0 bic data for linux-gcc-ia32Sergio Ahumada2013-07-0811-0/+85147
* Get rid of this hack where QAccessible inherits from QObject.Jan Arve Saether2013-04-268-224/+24
* Make qaccessible2.h internal.Frederik Gladhorn2013-03-148-1508/+0
* Remove QPointerBase bic check.Stephen Kelly2013-02-1322-110/+0
* test: Add bic data for linux-gcc-amd64Sergio Ahumada2013-01-293-0/+24692
* tst_bic: Add linux-gcc-ia32 bic data for QtXmlSergio Ahumada2013-01-161-0/+3843
* tst_bic: Add bic data for QtConcurrent and QtPrintSupportSergio Ahumada2013-01-142-0/+20839
* tst_bic: Remove 'timex' class from linux-gcc-{amd64,ia32}Sergio Ahumada2013-01-0916-80/+0
* test: Add bic data for linux-gcc-ia32Sergio Ahumada2013-01-088-0/+59020
* Add bic data for tst_bicSergio Ahumada2013-01-068-0/+59020
* Remove old bic test dataMarius Storm-Olsen2012-03-20158-833537/+0
* Initial import from the monolithic Qt.Qt by Nokia2011-04-27158-0/+833537