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* Corelib: s/Q_OS_MAC/Q_OS_DARWIN/wg except for doc and definitionEdward Welbourne6 days1-6/+6
* tests: Remove remains of qmake conversion from CMakeLists.txt filesFriedemann Kleint2023-02-171-2/+0
* Adapt corelib to use QTimeZone in place of Qt::TimeSpecEdward Welbourne2022-12-091-1/+1
* Port from container::count() and length() to size() - V5Marc Mutz2022-11-031-12/+12
* Port from container.count()/length() to size()Marc Mutz2022-10-041-1/+1
* Change the license of all CMakeLists.txt and *.cmake files to BSDLucie Gérard2022-08-231-1/+1
* Add license headers to cmake filesLucie Gérard2022-08-031-0/+3
* CMake: Don't use PUBLIC_LIBRARIES for tests and test helpersAlexandru Croitor2022-07-281-3/+3
* Use SPDX license identifiersLucie Gérard2022-05-161-27/+2
* Clear tst_QSettings of deprecation warningsEdward Welbourne2022-04-262-7/+5
* tst_QSettings::testVariantTypes(): modernize list initializationsEdward Welbourne2022-04-261-10/+6
* Convert tst_QSettings::testVariantTypes()'s macro body into a lambdaEdward Welbourne2022-04-261-13/+18
* Clean up tst_QSettings::testVariantTypes()Edward Welbourne2022-04-261-27/+26
* Rearrange tst_QSettings::testVariantTypes()Edward Welbourne2022-04-261-24/+24
* Remove two unused resource files from tst_qsettingsEdward Welbourne2022-04-264-8/+0
* Inline a shared data-driven test table in tst_QSettingsEdward Welbourne2022-04-261-88/+23
* Clean up includes involving tst_qmetatype_common.hEdward Welbourne2022-04-261-9/+4
* QSettingsPrivate: fold from/to parameters into the view they boundEdward Welbourne2022-03-301-2/+2
* QSettings: port key processing to QAnyStringViewMarc Mutz2022-03-191-15/+12
* Do not assume implicit string-ish → QColor conversionMarc Mutz2022-03-111-1/+1
* QSettings: support reading UTF-8 keys in INI filesIvan Solovev2022-03-024-0/+62
* CMake: Add BUILTIN_TESTDATA option to qt_internal_add_testAlexey Edelev2022-02-111-18/+13
* Remove unused .qrc filesJoerg Bornemann2022-01-171-13/+0
* Windows: Fix handling of childGroups() when fallbacks are disabledJeremie Graulle2021-12-271-0/+10
* Compile autotests for IntegrityTatiana Borisova2021-09-201-0/+4
* testlib: Deprecate QWARN() in favor of qWarning()Tor Arne Vestbø2021-08-041-1/+1
* macOS: Don't mangle QByteArray settings with @ prefix by decoding as UTF-8Tor Arne Vestbø2021-07-131-0/+4
* tst_qsettings: reliably remove the empty.ini fileMarc Mutz2021-06-111-1/+2
* Fix warnings from deprecated posix functionsVolker Hilsheimer2021-04-281-1/+3
* Split up the QMetaType unit testVolker Hilsheimer2021-02-091-1/+1
* QSettings: Add support for QMetaType::FloatChristian Ehrlicher2021-01-154-0/+28
* Remove the qmake project filesJoerg Bornemann2021-01-071-11/+0
* Replace QtTest headers with QTestDavid Skoland2020-12-221-1/+1
* Tests: Fix building with qmake on WindowsFriedemann Kleint2020-12-171-1/+1
* Deprecate QVariant::TypeLars Knoll2020-10-231-5/+5
* CMake: Regenerate projects to use new qt_internal_ APIAlexandru Croitor2020-09-231-4/+4
* Fix compiler warnings about missing overridesLars Knoll2020-09-131-1/+1
* Implement QMetaType::canConvert() and use it in QVariantLars Knoll2020-08-241-1/+2
* Tests: Use QVERIFY instead of QCOMPARE for empty listsFriedemann Kleint2020-07-101-1/+1
* CMake: Regenerate tests with new qt_ prefixed APIsAlexandru Croitor2020-07-091-4/+4
* Replace use of deprecated Q_OS_MACX in favor of Q_OS_MACOSTor Arne Vestbø2020-07-081-1/+1
* Remove QByteArray's methods taking QString and their usesSona Kurazyan2020-06-251-2/+0
* Remove winrtOliver Wolff2020-06-061-31/+14
* Get rid of QSettings::iniCodec()Lars Knoll2020-05-141-108/+5
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devLars Knoll2020-02-281-2/+3
| * tst_QSettings: Fix leaking registry keyFriedemann Kleint2020-02-251-2/+3
* | Regenerate projects one last time before mergewip/cmakeAlexandru Croitor2020-02-121-2/+1
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into wip/cmakeLeander Beernaert2019-11-191-1/+5
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| * | QShortcut: Properly port to the new configure systemFriedemann Kleint2019-10-251-1/+5
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* | Regenerate tests/auto/corelib/ioAlexandru Croitor2019-11-121-9/+12