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* Speedup tst_qtimeline::finishedJędrzej Nowacki2015-12-211-2/+1
* Get rid of qWait in tst_qtimeline::restart to make it less flakyJędrzej Nowacki2015-12-211-6/+3
* Improve tst_qtimeline::valueJędrzej Nowacki2015-12-211-11/+7
* Improve tst_qtimeline::currentFrameJędrzej Nowacki2015-12-211-7/+4
* Improve tst_qtimeline::currentTimeJędrzej Nowacki2015-12-211-17/+13
* Make tst_qtimeline::range less prune to timing errorsJędrzej Nowacki2015-12-211-18/+9
* Make tst_qtimeline::duration less fragile to timingsJędrzej Nowacki2015-12-211-6/+4
* Improve debug output of tst_QTimeLine::frameRate()Simon Hausmann2015-06-201-1/+1
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* Cleanup corelib autotestsJason McDonald2011-11-071-28/+2
* Moving relevant tests to corelib/toolsHolger Ihrig2011-09-011-0/+730