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* tst_moc: fix build with GCC 12Thiago Macieira12 days1-3/+3
* moc: fix use of escape sequence of more than one characterThiago Macieira14 days1-20/+25
* moc: Allow reading property values through bindablesUlf Hermann2022-06-221-0/+39
* Use SPDX license identifiersLucie Gérard2022-05-161-35/+10
* Deprecate {QString, QByteArray}::count()Sona Kurazyan2022-03-121-2/+2
* typeNameForCast: use add_pointer instead of string manipulationFabian Kosmale2022-02-181-0/+13
* Long live Q_GADGET_EXPORT!Marc Mutz2021-11-271-2/+24
* QPlugin: add qt_plugin_query_metadata_v2() to dynamic pluginsThiago Macieira2021-10-111-11/+2
* QPlugin: suppress the "QTMETADATA !" magic in static pluginsThiago Macieira2021-10-111-12/+10
* moc: Support BINDABLE for private propertiesAndrei Golubev2021-08-061-0/+11
* Test Q_CLASSINFO("foobar", #__VA_ARGS__) in tst_mocAndrei Golubev2021-07-081-0/+18
* Consistent indentation for BINDABLE propertiesAndreas Buhr2021-06-241-3/+6
* Remove pure-virtual-signals.h include from tst_moc.cppEdward Welbourne2021-06-111-1/+0
* tst_moc: Use qtpaths instead of qmakeFabian Kosmale2021-05-051-2/+2
* Moc: parse trailing return typeMårten Nordheim2021-05-041-0/+38
* Silence a bunch of gcc warnings for the moc testVolker Hilsheimer2021-03-291-1/+5
* Move build tools to libexec instead of the bin dirJoerg Bornemann2021-02-231-1/+2
* Replace QtTest headers with QTestDavid Skoland2020-12-221-1/+2
* moc: output errors and warnings in a way that matches compilersVolker Hilsheimer2020-11-091-50/+50
* Fix compile time type normalization codeLars Knoll2020-10-141-1/+3
* Another round of replacing 0 with nullptrAllan Sandfeld Jensen2020-10-071-10/+10
* Fix deprecation warnings in testsVolker Hilsheimer2020-09-171-3/+3
* Rename QLibraryInfo::location() to path()Lars Knoll2020-09-121-1/+1
* Make bindings introspectable through mocLars Knoll2020-09-021-123/+99
* Remove QNotifiedProperty and Q_PRIVATE_QPROPERTYLars Knoll2020-09-021-100/+96
* Fix warnings in tst_mocTor Arne Vestbø2020-08-231-2/+10
* cmake support for tst_mocFabian Kosmale2020-08-101-5/+10
* moc: allow wrapper generation for QProperty in pimpl classFabian Kosmale2020-07-141-0/+7
* moc: For non-STORED QProperties, expect a pointerUlf Hermann2020-07-091-8/+8
* moc: Allow out-of-line storage for Q_PRIVATE_QPROPERTYUlf Hermann2020-07-081-0/+38
* Avoid use of Q_UNUSED by eliminating the parameter namesLars Schmertmann2020-07-031-8/+6
* Use QList instead of QVector in moc testsJarek Kobus2020-06-221-90/+58
* Move implementation of QVector/List back to qlist.hLars Knoll2020-06-201-19/+3
* Add support for QNotifiedProperty to the mocSimon Hausmann2020-06-181-10/+10
* Qt6: remove support for property flags being functionsLars Knoll2020-06-111-7/+0
* metatype: Do not try analyze T in Q*Pointer<T> if T is incompleteFabian Kosmale2020-06-091-0/+1
* MetaObject: Store the QMetaType of the methodsFabian Kosmale2020-06-021-5/+11
* Provide a way of exposing private QProperties with a fake APISimon Hausmann2020-04-301-0/+60
* Allow for private properties to be implemented using QPropertySimon Hausmann2020-04-301-0/+5
* Allow declaring QProperty<> based Q_PROPERTYies with a notify signalSimon Hausmann2020-04-081-3/+9
* Port test to QRegularExpressionLars Knoll2020-03-311-2/+2
* Add support for exposing public QProperty members in the meta-object systemSimon Hausmann2020-03-181-3/+104
* MetaObject: store the QMetaType of the propertiesOlivier Goffart2020-02-251-1/+1
* Normalize types at compile timeOlivier Goffart2020-02-201-2/+2
* moc: Extend revision markers to allow for major and minor versionUlf Hermann2020-02-071-8/+55
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2020-01-281-1/+25
| * Introduce Q_PROPERTY attribute REQUIREDFabian Kosmale2020-01-231-0/+24
* | Introduce Q_MOC_INCLUDEOlivier Goffart2020-01-171-3/+30
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devLiang Qi2020-01-041-0/+1
|\ \ | |/
| * Support Q_GADGET QMetaObject super class hierarchies across templatesMilian Wolff2019-12-121-0/+1