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* RHI: new native texture APIPaul Olav Tvete8 days1-4/+4
* Enable QRhi Metal backend on iOSLaszlo Agocs2019-11-276-16/+16
* Deprecate constructing QFlags from a pointerAllan Sandfeld Jensen2019-11-203-5/+5
* rhi: Remove QVectors from the data description structs as wellLaszlo Agocs2019-10-033-8/+12
* Remove QVector in the API of QRhiResource subclassesLaszlo Agocs2019-09-304-22/+19
* Ensure drawable size atomicity within a frameLaszlo Agocs2019-09-294-25/+11
* rhi: Always enable debug info printing from manual testsLaszlo Agocs2019-09-291-1/+3
* rhi: Add a --transparent option to manual testsLaszlo Agocs2019-09-2615-14/+30
* rhi: Unify handling of special cases for scissor and viewport rectsLaszlo Agocs2019-09-264-0/+257
* Include missing shbang line in executable shell scriptEdward Welbourne2019-09-231-0/+1
* rhi: Add a flag to indicate preferring a software adapterLaszlo Agocs2019-09-121-0/+7
* rhi: d3d11: Add the device lost testing machineryLaszlo Agocs2019-09-121-1/+14
* rhi: vulkan: Introduce secondary command buffer usageLaszlo Agocs2019-08-292-1/+7
* rhi: Fix clear value in offscreen testLaszlo Agocs2019-07-311-1/+1
* rhi: gl: Add support for computeLaszlo Agocs2019-07-311-1/+1
* rhi: metal: Do not hold on to the drawable when not presentingLaszlo Agocs2019-07-311-0/+4
* rhi: Improve base vertex/instance supportLaszlo Agocs2019-07-011-0/+2
* rhi: Add a test for instancingLaszlo Agocs2019-07-019-1/+227
* rhi: Enhance line width and point size supportLaszlo Agocs2019-07-012-0/+5
* rhi: Add compute api and implement for Vulkan and MetalLaszlo Agocs2019-06-1734-44/+592
* Introduce the Qt graphics abstraction as private QtGui helpersLaszlo Agocs2019-06-1395-0/+8515