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* Share the common configurations among different modulesRyan Chu2019-07-011-157/+0
* Support multi-stage builds to provision the configurations and test dataRyan Chu2019-04-251-46/+78
* Convert tst_QSslSocket to work with DockerTimur Pocheptsov2019-03-111-1/+2
* Convert tst_qudpsocket to use dockerMårten Nordheim2019-03-061-0/+12
* Port tst_qtcpsocket to the docker serverMårten Nordheim2019-02-281-0/+17
* Convert the QSocks5SocketEngine test to use DockerMårten Nordheim2019-02-281-0/+12
* Use environment variables to replace the hard-code value of domain nameRyan Chu2019-01-231-12/+12
* Docker Provisioning: Update the SHA-1 tag of server imagesRyan Chu2018-12-101-5/+5
* Enable mDNS service discovery in Docker-based test serversRyan Chu2018-07-101-21/+15
* Docker-based test servers for network-related Qt autotestsRyan Chu2018-07-051-0/+89