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* Android: fix qdiriterator testMårten Nordheim2018-06-212-10/+10
* Android: tst_qthread: terminate is not supportedMårten Nordheim2018-06-211-4/+4
* Android: Blacklist tst_qkeyeventMårten Nordheim2018-06-211-0/+6
* Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11.1' into 5.11" into refs/stag...Liang Qi2018-06-215-2/+170
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11.1' into 5.11Qt Forward Merge Bot2018-06-195-2/+170
| |\
| | * CMake: Restore qt5_use_modules() functionKevin Funk2018-06-154-0/+107
| | * QHeaderView: Send the StatusTip events to itself if there is no parentAndy Shaw2018-06-141-2/+63
* | | Cope if mktime() deems times in a spring forward gap to be invalidEdward Welbourne2018-06-211-27/+35
* | | Add Android to exceptions in tst_QDateTime::toString_textDate_extra()Edward Welbourne2018-06-211-4/+8
* | | Cope with Android's lack of time-zone abbreviationsEdward Welbourne2018-06-211-4/+12
* | | Make some QEXPECT_FAIL()s consistent in form and contentEdward Welbourne2018-06-211-6/+6
|/ /
* | tst_bench_QUuid: eliminate an unused variableEdward Welbourne2018-06-141-3/+2
* | Make QString's formatting of doubles be consistent with other placesEdward Welbourne2018-06-141-0/+23
* Fix HDR format in QOpenGLFramebufferObject::toImage()Allan Sandfeld Jensen2018-06-061-0/+18
* Fix QTransform::transposed() result having wrong transformation typeEirik Aavitsland2018-06-061-0/+35
* Add binary compatibility files for 5.11 for QtBaseMilla Pohjanheimo2018-06-0511-0/+100472
* Use qFuzzyCompare instead of qFuzzyIsNull in QPointF ==Allan Sandfeld Jensen2018-05-301-0/+39
* Make sure we can build with -no-feature-draganddropJoerg Bornemann2018-05-299-21/+21
* macOS: Fix QFileSystemWatcher to watch paths with the same prefixMikhail Svetkin2018-05-291-28/+60
* QSortFilterProxyModel: don't assert when old model gets destroyedChristian Ehrlicher2018-05-261-4/+14
* Fix tst_QDoubleSpinBox::editingFinished failing after other testsKari Oikarinen2018-05-181-2/+2
* Add support for QSharedPointer<cv qualified>::create()Thiago Macieira2018-05-171-0/+8
* Remove a reference to a no longer used database serverAndy Shaw2018-05-161-2/+0
* sqlite: Allow for duplicated placeholders with just one placeholderAndy Shaw2018-05-161-0/+10
* tst_QCommandLinkButton: Add back wait to the beginning of setAutoRepeat()Kari Oikarinen2018-05-161-6/+9
* Skip tst_QProcess::processesInMultipleThreads under QEMUKari Oikarinen2018-05-142-0/+5
* Treat the Content-Disposition header as a known headerAndy Shaw2018-05-141-0/+3
* tests: Include QFileInfo in emulationdetector.hKari Oikarinen2018-05-141-0/+2
* QJsonDocument: Avoid overflow of string lengthsJüri Valdmann2018-05-142-0/+0
* tests/auto/widgets/dialogs: Avoid unconditional qWait()sKari Oikarinen2018-05-144-76/+50
* tests/auto/widgets/graphicsview: Avoid unconditional qWait()sKari Oikarinen2018-05-146-188/+70
* OpenSSL v1.1.1: fix qtbug18498_peekMårten Nordheim2018-05-111-2/+10
* Blacklist tst_QWidget::raise on openSUSEKari Oikarinen2018-05-091-0/+2
* Stabilize tst_QMdiArea::subWindowListKari Oikarinen2018-05-091-6/+4
* tests/auto/widgets/itemviews: Avoid unconditional qWait()sKari Oikarinen2018-05-099-170/+90
* tests/auto/network: Avoid unconditional qWait()sKari Oikarinen2018-05-085-33/+19
* Manual dialogs test: Add about dialog showing style and scalingFriedemann Kleint2018-05-081-0/+43
* tst_qresourceengine: Fix test for static MSVC buildsOliver Wolff2018-05-071-0/+6
* tst_qresourceengine: Fix test for configurations with builtin_testdataOliver Wolff2018-05-072-1/+13
* tst_qiodevice: Skip broken winrt testsOliver Wolff2018-05-071-0/+6
* OpenSSL 1.1.1: Fix tst_QSslCertificate::toTextMårten Nordheim2018-05-042-1/+48
* QJsonDocument: Validate also zero-length objectsJüri Valdmann2018-05-041-0/+0
* QJsonDocument: Reject objects containing themselves in binary JSONJüri Valdmann2018-05-041-0/+0
* QJsonDocument::fromRawData: Fix out-of-bounds accessJüri Valdmann2018-05-042-0/+1
* tests: unblacklist tst_qwindow.cpp::modalWindowPosition()Gatis Paeglis2018-05-031-2/+0
* tst_QUdpSocket: Fix Clang warning about unused expressionFriedemann Kleint2018-05-021-2/+4
* If the page size is not valid on the new printer, set a custom sizeAndy Shaw2018-05-021-0/+45
* Manual touch test: Add handling for multiple touch screensFriedemann Kleint2018-05-021-18/+80
* Tests: Fix clang warnings about unused variables and capturesFriedemann Kleint2018-05-022-5/+2
* Fix crash in QMacPanGestureRecognizerJan Arve Saether2018-05-021-0/+28