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Doc: Use a standard documentation config for a Qt modulev5.7.0-alpha1
- Rename index.html to qtdatavisualization-index.html - Use the qt-module-defaults global doc template - Convert 'indexes' into 'depends' - Remove custom buildversion string - Use a namespace consistent with the rest of Qt modules - Update examplesinstallpath to the changes introduced in Qt 5.6 packaging. Change-Id: I0a2db65861181c967ff4ac8ec50949bea8f03101 Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen <>
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@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ Both Qt Assistant (qtdatavisualization.qch) and in HTML format
(qtdatavisualization subfolder) documentation is generated.
Please refer to the generated documentation for more information:
- doc/qtdatavisualization/index.html
+ doc/qtdatavisualization/qtdatavisualization-index.html
Known Issues