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Doc: Fix \code command usage
Since Qt 5.12, \code command accepts parameters, and in-line usage no longer works (and was never documented to work). Task-number: QTBUG-70980 Change-Id: I010ba21c2a20f70bfdacd7bb0c1aea3836c8efca Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <>
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We created the data generator in the application main and gave it the graph and the table
widget as parameters:
- \code GraphDataGenerator generator(graph, tableWidget); \endcode
+ \code
+ GraphDataGenerator generator(graph, tableWidget);
+ \endcode
We added a separate start method to the generator, so that it wouldn't start doing anything
until everything else is set up. We then called the method when starting the application:
- \code generator.start(); \endcode
+ \code
+ generator.start();
+ \endcode
Let's have a look at the contents of the \c start() method: