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\brief QtDataVisualization module provides functionality for 3D visualization.
Qt Data Visualization module provides a way to visualize data in 3D.
- It uses OpneGL for the data rendering.
+ \section1 Features
+ \list
+ \li Multiple data visualization options: 3D Bars, 3D Scatter, and 3D Surface
+ \li 2D slice views of the 3D data
+ \li Interactive data: Rotate, zoom, and highlight data using mouse or touch
+ \li Uses OpenGL for rendering the data
+ \li QML2 support
+ \li Customizable axes for data - control viewable data window with axis ranges
+ \li Customizable input handling (upcoming feature - not supported in technology preview)
+ \li Customizable scene handling - full control of cameras and lights (upcoming feature -
+ not supported in technology preview)
+ \li Customizable themes (upcoming feature - not supported in technology preview)
+ \endlist
\section1 Getting Started
- Qt Data Visualization provides classes for rendering 3D data. To include
- the definitions of the module's classes, use the following directive:
+ To import Qt Data Visualization QML types, add the following import statement to your \c .qml
+ file:
+ \snippet doc_src_qmldatavisualization.cpp 0
+ If you intend to use Qt Data Visualization C++ classes in your application, use the
+ following directive:
\snippet doc_src_qtdatavisualization.cpp 0
- To link against the module, add this line to your qmake \c
- .pro file:
+ \note If you are using a few classes from this module, we recommend including those specific
+ classes only instead of the whole module.
+ To link against Qt Data Visualization module, add this line to your \c qmake project file:
\snippet 0
+ See \l{Qt Data Visualization Getting Started}{Getting started} page for further information
+ how to use Qt Data Visualization in your application.
\section1 Articles
- \li \l{Qt Data Visualization License Information}{License Information}
+ \li \l{Qt Data Visualization Data Handling}{Data input}
+ \li \l{Qt Data Visualization Interacting with Data}{Interacting with visualized data}
\section1 References
\li \l{Qt Data Visualization C++ Classes}
+ \li \l{Qt Data Visualization QML Types}
Qt Data Visualization comes with the following examples: