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Enable showing multiple graphs in QML
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+ \qmlproperty Scene3D AbstractGraph3D::scene
+ Read only Q3DScene that can be used to access e.g. camera object.
+ */
\qmlproperty AbstractInputHandler3D AbstractGraph3D::inputHandler
Input handler. You can disable default input handlers by setting this property to \c null.
@@ -50,3 +55,24 @@
\qmlproperty Theme3D AbstractGraph3D::theme
The active theme of the graph.
+ \qmlproperty bool AbstractGraph3D::clearWindowBeforeRendering
+ Indicates if the graph should also clear the whole window before rendering the graph,
+ including the areas outside the graph.
+ Since the graphs are drawn first under other QML items, the regular QML window clearing
+ before rendering is suppressed when there are any graphs in the window; the graphs
+ handle the clearing themselves instead.
+ If you have any other items besides graphs that do similar
+ custom drawing under other QML items, you need to set this property to false on all graphs
+ drawn to same window with the other custom items, or it is likely that the
+ other custom items do not render properly.
+ Defaults to true.
+ \note This property should be set to the same value for all graphs in the same window.
+ Otherwise some graphs may not show.
+ \note If window clearing before rendering is suppressed, any areas of the window not fully
+ covered with opaque items may not draw properly.
+ */