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See \l{Qt Quick 2 Surface Example} for more thorough usage example.
+ \note Qt Data Visualization graphs are rendered behind any other QML elements on screen, including
+ the parent elements of the graph. To make the whole graph show, ensure that no other element
+ draws anything over the area the graph occupies. For example, having a non-transparent \c Rectangle
+ item as the parent of a graph causes the graph to be hidden.
\sa Surface3DSeries, ItemModelSurfaceDataProxy, Bars3D, Scatter3D, {Qt Data Visualization C++ Classes}
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* \qmlproperty list<QSurface3DSeries> Surface3D::seriesList
+ * \default
* This property holds the series of the graph.
* By default, this property contains an empty list.
* To set the series, either use the addSeries() function or define them as children of the graph.