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\page qtdatavisualization_data_handling.html
\title Qt Data Visualization Data Handling
+ \section1 Series
+ Series is combination of logically connected set of data items (handled by a data proxy)
+ and visual properties that describe how the data items should be rendered, such as item
+ meshes and colors. Each visualization type has its own series type. For example, bar graphs
+ use QBar3DSeries. Bar and scatter graphs can have multiple series added simultaneously.
+ Surface graphs support only a single series at a time.
+ This code snippet shows how to use QBar3DSeries to render bars as cylinders and with a
+ gradient instead of a uniform color:
+ \snippet doc_src_qtdatavisualization.cpp 11
\section1 Data proxies
The data that users wish to visualize comes in many formats, all of which cannot obviously be
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which takes data in a format suitable for that visualization.
For example, the basic proxy for QBar3DSeries is QBarDataProxy, which stores rows of QBarDataItem
objects. Each QBarDataItem stores a single bar value. Additional typedefs are provided for
- QBarDataArray and QBarDataRow containers.
+ \c QBarDataArray and \c QBarDataRow containers.
- This code snipped shows how to use basic proxy when your data is stored in some hypothetical
+ This code snippet shows how to use basic proxy when your data is stored in some hypothetical
\c myData object:
\snippet doc_src_qtdatavisualization.cpp 10
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For the best performance with the scatter and surface graphs, only keep the data you need in the
- \note Data handling is not yet fully optimized in the technology preview version.