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\section1 Building Qt Data Visualization
+ To build Qt Data Visualization module, set up a command prompt with an environment for
+ building Qt applications, navigate to the directory containing \c,
+ and give the following commands:
+ \snippet doc_src_qtdatavisualization.cpp 6
+ \note The \c make tool name may vary depending on your target platform.
+ E.g. make/nmake/mingw32-make/...
+ To build a statically linked version of the Qt Data Visualization module, give the following
+ commands:
+ \snippet doc_src_qtdatavisualization.cpp 7
+ \section1 Running examples
+ Qt Data Visualization examples are found under \c examples subdirectory. To build and run a
+ single example, e.g. the qmlsurface example, navigate to the example directory and give the
+ following commands:
+ \snippet doc_src_qtdatavisualization.cpp 8
+ \note On some platforms, such as Windows, the executable can be generated under debug or
+ release folders, depending on your build.
\section1 Creating a simple application
+ To create a simple application, start by creating a new Qt Gui Application project in Qt
+ Creator and add this line to the \c .pro file of the project:
+ \snippet 0
+ In the \c main.cpp file, include the module headers and declare namespace usage:
+ \snippet doc_src_qtdatavisualization.cpp 0
+ Then, add the sample code found in one of the following pages, depending on what kind of
+ visualization you are interested in: \l{How to construct a minimal Q3DBars graph},
+ \l{How to construct a minimal Q3DScatter graph}, or
+ \l{How to construct a minimal Q3DSurface graph}.
+ To use Qt Data Visualization graphs in widget based applications, you can use
+ QWidget::createWindowContainer() function to wrap the graph into a widget:
+ \snippet doc_src_qtdatavisualization.cpp 9
+ For further code examples, see one of the Qt Data Visualization examples:
+ \annotatedlist qtdatavisualization_examples