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\li \l{Qt Data Visualization Data Handling}{Data Handling}
\li \l{Qt Data Visualization Interacting with Data}{Interacting with Data}
+ \li \l{Qt Data Visualization Known Issues}{Known Issues}
\section1 References
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\group qtdatavisualization_getting_started
\title Qt Data Visualization Getting Started
+ \section1 Installing the Qt Data Visualization module
+ Use the \c {Package Manager} in \c {Maintenance Tool} or the \c {Online installer} to install
+ the Qt Data Visualization module. The module can be found under \c {Qt Enterprise Add-Ons}
+ in the package manager.
+ After installation Qt Data Visualization documentation and examples are available in Qt Creator.
+ You can find all Qt Data Visualization examples by typing \c visualization in the
+ \c {Search in Examples...} field.
+ The source code is installed into the QtDataVisualization folder under EnterpriseAddOns.
\section1 Building Qt Data Visualization
- To build the Qt Data Visualization module, set up a command prompt with an environment for
- building Qt applications, navigate to the directory containing \c, and
- configure the project with qmake:
+ To build the Qt Data Visualization module from source code yourself, set up a command prompt
+ with an environment for building Qt applications, navigate to the directory containing
+ \c {}, and configure the project with qmake:
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+ \page qtdatavisualization_known_issues.html
+ \title Qt Data Visualization Known Issues
+ \list
+ \li Android doesn't support both widgets and OpenGL simultaneously, so only
+ the Qt Quick 2 API is usable in practice in Android.
+ \li Shadows are not supported with OpenGL ES2 (including Angle builds in Windows).
+ \li Anti-aliasing doesn't work with OpenGL ES2 (including Angle builds in Windows).
+ \li Surfaces with non-straight rows and columns do not always render properly.
+ \li Q3DLight class (and Light3D QML item) are currently not usable for anything.
+ \li Changing any of Q3DScene properties affecting subviewports currently has no effect.
+ \li The color style Q3DTheme::ColorStyleObjectGradient doesn't work for surface graphs.
+ \li Scatter "point" meshes (QAbstract3DSeries::MeshPoint) do not support gradients, they
+ always use the base color.
+ \li Widget based examples layout incorrectly in iOS.
+ \li Reparenting a graph to an item in another QQuickWindow is not supported.
+ \endlist
* \fn QSurfaceFormat QtDataVisualization::qDefaultSurfaceFormat(bool antialias = true)
* \relates QAbstract3DGraph