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Optimize single item changes in bar/surface item models.
We are only able to optimize this in cases where rows and columns of the model are directly mapped to rows and columns of the data proxy. In other cases we do not know if the new values of the changed data item in the model actually specify the same row/column in our data proxy as the previous values. Task-number: QTRD-2190 Change-Id: Ie014469ac894474900e5cfd6d91fd1a60353b1f7 Reviewed-by: Titta Heikkala <>
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@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@ SUBDIRS += barstest \
qmldynamicdata \
multigraphs \
directional \
- qmlmultiwindow
+ qmlmultiwindow \
+ itemmodeltest
#SUBDIRS += kinectsurface