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\snippet bars/graphmodifier.cpp 3
+ We give axis labels a small autorotation angle to make them orient somewhat toward the
+ camera. This is done to improve axis label readability at extreme camera angles.
Next we initialize the visual properties of the series.
Note that the second series is initially not visible:
@@ -159,6 +162,8 @@
\li Grid visibility
\li Bar shading smoothness
\li Visibility of the second bar series
+ \li Value axis direction
+ \li Axis title visibility and rotation
\li Data range to be shown
\li Bar style
\li Selection mode
@@ -166,6 +171,7 @@
\li Shadow quality
\li Font
\li Font size
+ \li Axis label rotation
\section1 Selecting a row/column by clicking an axis label
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\snippet customitems/customitemgraph.cpp 4
+ \note Removing a custom item from the graph also deletes it. If you want to preserve the item,
+ you need to use \c releaseCustomItem() method instead.
\section1 Example Contents
diff --git a/examples/datavisualization/customitems/main.cpp b/examples/datavisualization/customitems/main.cpp
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@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
QLabel *label4 = new QLabel("Nothing");
- font.setPointSize(12);
+ font.setPointSize(11);
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@@ -183,6 +183,7 @@ void GraphDataGenerator::setupModel()
m_tableWidget->setCurrentCell(-1, -1);
+ m_tableWidget->setSelectionMode(QAbstractItemView::SingleSelection);
//! [11]
//! [12]
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One interesting detail is that we don't specify a proxy for the Surface3DSeries we attach
to the graph. This makes the series to utilize the default QSurfaceDataProxy.
- We also hide the item label with \l{Abstract3DSeries::itemLabelVisible}{itemLabelFormat}, since
+ We also hide the item label with \l{Abstract3DSeries::itemLabelVisible}{itemLabelVisible}, since
we want to display the selected item information in a \c Text element instead of a floating
label above the selection pointer.
This is done because the selection pointer moves around a lot as the data changes, which makes