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* Revert "Change number of days in test to make date actually out of range"HEADsnapshot-20150317-8f6a508-basedEdward Welbourne2018-04-201-2/+2
* Change number of days in test to make date actually out of rangeEdward Welbourne2018-03-121-2/+2
* Don't export .gitignore in source archivesSimon Hausmann2017-08-071-0/+2
* Remove external files from the archiveSimon Hausmann2017-03-2450294-2252728/+0
* Add .gitignore file to ignore generated *.pyc filesSimon Hausmann2015-03-171-0/+1
* Bug 693: Remove "kk"/normalization property from CollatorNorbert Lindenberg2012-10-095-10/+12
* New and improved tests for ECMAScript Internationalization API.Norbert Lindenberg2012-10-046-8/+47
* Bug 610: Handle supplementary characters.Bill Ticehurst2012-08-099-17/+284
* Made web site packager insert line breaks into JSON files for saner diffs.Norbert Lindenberg2012-09-1225-27/+72216
* Updated tests for ECMAScript Internationalization API spec changes; made smal...Norbert Lindenberg2012-09-109-7/+17
* Added test to verify Unicode canonical equivalence in String.prototype.locale...Norbert Lindenberg2012-09-107-6/+86
* Added new tests for chapters 10 to 13 of the ECMAScript Internationalization ...Norbert Lindenberg2012-08-2679-2/+3885
* Added new tests for chapters 6 and 9 of ECMAScript Internationalization API S...Norbert Lindenberg2012-08-2638-58/+2928
* Added tests for requirements imposed on the built-in objects of the ECMAScrip...Norbert Lindenberg2012-08-2639-192/+709
* Regenerated console runner files. Excluded generated test cases.Norbert Lindenberg2012-08-264-111/+390
* Moved Google tests from ch13 to ch12.Norbert Lindenberg2012-08-227-1/+1
* Moved Google tests from ch12 to ch11.Norbert Lindenberg2012-08-2212-1/+1
* Moved Google tests from ch11 to ch10.Norbert Lindenberg2012-08-227-1/+1
* Updated existing tests for June 2012 spec changes; removed LocaleList tests; ...Norbert Lindenberg2012-08-2237-652/+235
* Merged changes.Norbert Lindenberg2012-08-2225-380/+606
| * Got test402 web site into usable shape. Unified headers of test262/402 sites.Norbert Lindenberg2012-07-1822-381/+603
| * Fixed bug 443: fails on Mac because of .DS_Store files.Norbert Lindenberg2012-07-1815-14/+18
* | Fixing Intl402 and BestPractice pages as per bug Ticehurst2012-08-095-47/+97
* | Update float value testsBill Ticehurst2012-08-087-38/+81
* | Add capability to run chapters individually from the websitet-adamre2012-06-1221-348/+1060
* Plugged a global thisarg hole with a new test and fixed an operatorBill Ticehurst2012-05-187-6/+20
* Adding more coverage for 10.4.3 based on feedback in bug https://bugs.ecmascr...Bill Ticehurst2012-05-178-4/+83
* Adding more tests to cover undefined being non-writable (see https://bugs.ecm...Bill Ticehurst2012-05-167-4/+68
* Removing RegEx test-case related to Ticehurst2012-05-1127-42/+26
* Initial intl402 checkin.Nebojsa Ciric2012-04-1659-26/+1011
* This is my first commitBill Ticehurst2012-03-291-1/+1
* fixed.David Fugate2012-03-2816-29/+38
* Renamed a couple of files.David Fugate2012-03-273-5/+5
* is fixed.David Fugate2012-03-272-3/+3
* Fixed Fugate2012-03-2715-18/+26
* Fixed ConstructDate cannot beDavid Fugate2012-03-2622-232/+240
* Added whitespace (please ignore).David Fugate2012-03-161-1/+1
* Fixed a typo.David Fugate2012-03-151-1/+1
* More work on Fugate2012-03-142-2/+3
* fixed (removed a BOM andDavid Fugate2012-03-141-1/+1
* partially fixed. StillDavid Fugate2012-03-0964-65/+65
* More @onlyStrict tests should have been @noStrict.David Fugate2012-03-0853-53/+53
* is fixed (completely?).David Fugate2012-03-0680-80/+80
* Renamed to Fugate2012-03-011-25/+41
* Web browsers weren't rendering a couple of unicode characters correctly. Conv...David Fugate2012-02-291-3/+3
* Added a LICENSE file to the root of the enlistment.David Fugate2012-02-2912668-253660/+63470
* Made it clear on testcases_bestPractice.html that it's not the same as defaul...David Fugate2012-02-2915-25/+178
* and https://bugs.ecmascript.o...David Fugate2012-02-2711-13/+13
* Re-gen'ed website (+389 new tests).David Fugate2012-02-2719-20/+18
* Migrated latest external\contributions\Microsoft\ietcLatest changes over to t...David Fugate2012-02-27397-10/+13503