BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.12Fix QQuickKeyNavigationAttached issueValery Volgutov4 weeks
5.12.10Add changes file for Qt 5.12.10Antti Kokko6 months
5.15doc: explain QQItem event delivery, handlers, setAcceptTouchEvents()Shawn Rutledge3 months
5.15.2Merge "Add changes file for Qt 5.15.2"Antti Kokko5 months
6.0Do not batch lines with > 1 width in alpha passLaszlo Agocs42 hours
6.0.0Update dependencies on '6.0.0' in qt/qtdeclarativeQt Submodule Update Bot4 months
6.1Update dependencies on '6.1' in qt/qtdeclarativeQt Submodule Update Bot2 hours
6.1.0QV4EngineBase: Do not create zero-sized array on 32 bit platformsFabian Kosmale42 hours
devUpdate dependencies on 'dev' in qt/qtdeclarativeQt Submodule Update Bot5 hours
wip/qquickdeliveryagentComplete splitting of delivery logic qqwindow.cpp -> deliveryagent.cppShawn Rutledge8 weeks
v6.1.0-beta3commit 35689f6993...Antti Kokko8 days
v6.0.3commit 373897b4bb...Antti Kokko3 weeks
v6.1.0-beta2commit d1ef40ff4d...Antti Kokko4 weeks
v6.1.0-beta1commit d906e9fdd7...Antti Kokko6 weeks
v6.0.2commit da46b97ed5...Antti Kokko6 weeks
v6.1.0-alpha1commit e7695ce2ca...Antti Kokko8 weeks
v6.0.1commit d347cbfc8c...Antti Kokko2 months
v6.0.0commit fa87052d56...Antti Kokko4 months
v6.0.0-rc2commit 2952114cf8...Antti Kokko4 months
v6.0.0-rc1commit d037cc4ecc...Antti Kokko5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-05-09Support folderlistmodel for the no-thread configv5.13.0-rc3v5.13.0-rc2v5.13.0-rc1v5.13.0-beta4v5. Johan Sørvig3-13/+50
2019-05-08Add changes file for Qt 5.13.0Antti Kokko1-0/+98
2019-05-08Make QQmlThread work for no-thread debug modeMorten Johan Sørvig1-0/+14
2019-05-02Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12' into 5.13Qt Forward Merge Bot1-4/+1
2019-05-02Don't wrap the attachedProperties function into a templateUlf Hermann1-4/+1
2019-05-01Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12' into 5.13Qt Forward Merge Bot8-12/+58
2019-04-30Fix -Winit-list-lifetimeAllan Sandfeld Jensen1-1/+1
2019-04-30Yarr: Reject quantifiers larger than 16MUlf Hermann2-1/+13
2019-04-29Skip QtQuickCompiler resource extraction when using lupdateSimon Hausmann1-1/+1
2019-04-29Skip block context within call contexts when searching for parametersUlf Hermann2-5/+38