BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.12Fix QQuickMouseArea getting stuck in pressed state when hiding in pressFrederik Gladhorn4 days
5.12.7Add changes file for Qt 5.12.7Antti Kokko2 months
5.12.8Add changes file for Qt 5.12.8Antti Kokko3 weeks
5.14Fix enum setup optimizationMichael Brasser3 days
5.14.0QQuickPixmapCache: Don't dereference nullptrFabian Kosmale4 months
5.14.1Merge 5.14 into 5.14.1Kari Oikarinen3 months
5.14.2Add changes file for Qt 5.14.2Antti Kokko3 weeks
5.15CMake: Fix double inclusion of CMake plugin targetsAlexandru Croitor2 days
devRemove QRegExp support from QtQmlLars Knoll2 days
wip/cmakeCMake: Regenerate and adapt to merge from devAlexandru Croitor4 weeks
v5.14.2commit 23a000f9a1...Antti Kokko7 days
v5.15.0-beta2commit 4482aa576b...Antti Kokko3 weeks
v5.15.0-beta1commit b3ff342d32...Antti Kokko6 weeks
v5.15.0-alpha1commit 8e822e981d...Antti Kokko8 weeks
v5.12.7commit d762ea24b5...Antti Kokko2 months
v5.14.1commit 51a158929b...Antti Kokko2 months
v5.9.9commit 9dc3e7885d...Antti Kokko4 months
v5.14.0commit 290251541e...Antti Kokko4 months
v5.14.0-rc2commit 290251541e...Antti Kokko4 months
v5.14.0-rc1commit 75c7f093e0...Antti Kokko4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-04-02Add changes file for Qt 5.9.8v5. Kokko1-0/+32
2019-04-02Use Los Angeles to represent PST8PDT, not VancouverEdward Welbourne1-1/+1
2018-12-07V4 Date: fix what we can within ECMA 262's limitationsEdward Welbourne3-45/+86
2018-11-19Silence another GCC 8 warning in qpodvectorVille Voutilainen1-1/+1
2018-11-19Silence GCC 8 warnings in qpodvectorVille Voutilainen1-4/+4
2018-11-19Silence a GCC 8 warning in qquickanimationVille Voutilainen1-3/+3
2018-11-19Silence a GCC 8 warning in qv4engineVille Voutilainen1-1/+1
2018-11-19Silence a GCC 8 warning in qqmljsparserVille Voutilainen1-1/+1
2018-11-19Silence a GCC 8 warning in qv4stringVille Voutilainen1-1/+1
2018-10-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.9.7' into 5.9Qt Forward Merge Bot1-0/+30