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* Add list of changes for 5.4.1 relative to 5.4.0v5.4.1wip/tizenSimon Hausmann2015-02-041-0/+50
* QQuickTextItem: fix crash on polishingGiuseppe D'Angelo2015-01-291-1/+1
* Fix failing assertion in debug builds for JS that calls constantsSimon Hausmann2015-01-153-2/+4
* doc: The correct enum name is 'Time', not 'LastModified'.Gunnar Sletta2015-01-121-1/+1
* Make opengl context current in context2d's toImage if necessaryUlf Hermann2015-01-121-4/+26
* Fix timing output from windows render loopLaszlo Agocs2015-01-111-1/+1
* Print exceptions in JS slotsKai Koehne2015-01-091-5/+9
* Fix grammatical error in Text and TextEdit documentation.Mitch Curtis2015-01-092-2/+2
* TextEdit: fix construction time text cacheJ-P Nurmi2015-01-082-1/+13
* Parse dates as Qt::RFC2822Date tooAlbert Astals Cid2015-01-083-1/+10
* doc: Fixed copy/paste errors in DSM snippetsAlejandro Exojo2014-12-303-3/+0
* Remove unnecessary QString::toUtf8 method callNobuaki Sukegawa2014-12-201-1/+0
* Fix invalid assertionNobuaki Sukegawa2014-12-201-1/+1
* Fix GC crash with conditional breakpoints and JS consoleSimon Hausmann2014-12-191-4/+6
* QMLJS: remove unused/unsupported command-line optionsErik Verbruggen2014-12-191-1/+1
* Fix compile issue with -opengl dynamic on WindowsAndy Shaw2014-12-181-3/+5
* V4: fix reverse type propagationErik Verbruggen2014-12-182-10/+17
* V4: only optimize out to-int32 conversions when the operands are int32.Erik Verbruggen2014-12-182-2/+13
* Doc: Updated the snippet to call the right functionVenu2014-12-181-1/+1
* rendercontrol example: calculate fbo size correctlyLaszlo Agocs2014-12-171-1/+1
* Fix build with MinGW due to -WerrorSérgio Martins2014-12-171-0/+8
* Fix QQuickText alignment when lineHeight is setDaiwei Li2014-12-162-3/+15
* Change Qt bugtracker URL to qt.ioAlex Blasche2014-12-162-2/+2
* Mark qmlRegisterCustomExtendedType as \internalAlejandro Exojo2014-12-121-0/+1
* Bump versionOswald Buddenhagen2014-12-121-1/+1
* Input method support for QQuickWidgetPaul Olav Tvete2014-12-112-0/+10
* Restore extension types documentationAlejandro Exojo2014-12-103-3/+85
* QML Debugging: Fix breakpoints/stepping in a with-statement.Erik Verbruggen2014-12-102-1/+25
* Add hiDPI @2x retina image support to AnimatedImageMarko Kangas2014-12-101-1/+8
* Fix the visualization of unmerged batch geometries without indexJocelyn Turcotte2014-12-092-2/+5
* Windows: Don't disable JITSérgio Martins2014-12-091-2/+2
* QML Debugging: Fix crash when stepping through try-catch block.Erik Verbruggen2014-12-095-18/+57
* QML: fix warning in testsErik Verbruggen2014-12-091-1/+7
* QML: fix warning in testsErik Verbruggen2014-12-091-23/+0
* QML: fix warning in testsErik Verbruggen2014-12-091-1/+0
* Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4.0' into 5.4" into refs/stagin...Simon Hausmann2014-12-0989-110/+385
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4.0' into 5.4Simon Hausmann2014-12-0589-110/+385
| |\
| | * QQmlInspectorService: handle views only with supported plugins.v5.4.0Ulf Hermann2014-12-051-0/+1
| | * qttest: make findChild available only for QtTest 1.1Fawzi Mohamed2014-12-0579-87/+89
| | * Update plugins.qmltypesKai Koehne2014-12-057-16/+278
| | * Add string::arg method in installTranslatorFunctionsKai Koehne2014-12-052-0/+11
| | * Fix crashes on QNX/x86Simon Hausmann2014-12-031-7/+6
* | | QML: fix warning in testsErik Verbruggen2014-12-091-2/+0
* | | Quick: fix testErik Verbruggen2014-12-091-1/+1
* | | Avoid string-based connect in QQuickImageBase.Michael Brasser2014-12-082-6/+6
* | | Fix \inqmlmodule usage: only use one parameterAlejandro Exojo2014-12-0833-36/+36
|/ /
* | Correct QtQml.Models \qmlmodule version.Mitch Curtis2014-12-041-1/+1
* | Fix QtQuick2 module unload supportChris Adams2014-12-0410-1/+228
* | Error out when trying to set an item as its own parentFrederik Gladhorn2014-12-031-1/+1
* | Fix application build when combining with Mac OS X Cocoa headersSimon Hausmann2014-12-031-6/+6