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Doc: Document support services for Yocto recipes
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\note The generated target image does not yet include Qt libraries,
you need to build Qt and add it into the image yourself.
- \section2 Building Qt and addons
+ \section2 Building Qt and Addons
\e {Build scripts} source package contains scripts that can be used to
build Qt and all additional Qt addons that are part of \B2QL image.
@@ -945,6 +945,14 @@
After \e {embedded-linux/} has finished, you can flash the device with
the updated image located in the build folder.
+ \section2 Note About Support Services for Yocto Tools
+ By default, Digia will only provide customer support for the Yocto
+ recipes on the reference platforms, as delivered with \SDK, and
+ setting up the development environment for them. Receiving support
+ for any other configuration requires a separate service agreement
+ between a customer and Digia.