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Doc: Add a custom note on the online landing page
The installer now opens a browser with the latest online docs. As the version the user is installing may not be the very latest one, add a note on the landing page reminding that version-specific documentation is available in Qt Creator Help. This note is shown only when launching from the installer - i.e, the URL has the 'welcome' query string: Task-number: QTEE-964 Change-Id: Iaf373d97c960d36d206f93ec7d5b61086adda86c Reviewed-by: Samuli Piippo <>
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\nextpage qtee-overview.html
\title Qt 5.5 for Device Creation
+ \welcome
\e {Qt for Device Creation} is a commercial offering, providing a
fully-integrated solution for creating embedded Linux-based products. It
provides the complete toolchain required for faster software development,