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doc: imx6 u-boot update instructions
How to update u-boot for all boundary devices. Remove display settings, no longer needed in the new image. Change-Id: Icf34e084174f03024bd240eca4d717442be9bd7a Reviewed-by: Topi Reiniö <>
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After the installation is complete, insert the SD card, power on the device and check that
the \B2Q welcome screen and/or demo appear.
+ \b {Updating U-Boot}
+ If you are updating from an older image, you may also need to update the version of U-Boot on the device.
+ The prebuilt image already contains U-Boot versions for most of the device variants from Boundary Devices,
+ but the update needs to be done manually when first starting the device. Correct device type is selected by
+ setting the \c uboot_defconfig U-Boot environment variable. More information available from
+ \l{}{Boundary Devices}.
+ Access the device's console and run the following commands on the U-Boot prompt:
+ \badcode
+ setenv uboot_defconfig <device type>
+ run upgradeu
+ \endcode
\b {Setup for Nitrogen6_Lite Device}
The boot script requires the environment variables, \c dtbname and \c gpumem, to identify
@@ -100,29 +115,6 @@
- \b {Setup for 1280×800 displays}
- Boundary Devices offers 1280x800 LCD touch panels that require changes in U-Boot environment
- variable to be correctly identified.
- Use one of the two following options to enable the scripts boot the device
- with correct display panel setting:
- \list
- \li Write a \c uEnv.txt file on to the boot partition of SD card with the following
- content:
- \badcode
- panel=LDB-WXGA
- \endcode
- \li Access the device's console and run the following commands on the U-Boot prompt:
- \badcode
- U-Boot > setenv panel LDB-WXGA
- U-Boot > saveenv
- \endcode
- \endlist
\section1 Setting up USB Access
\include b2qt-post-install-setup.qdocinc setting up usb access