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\li 256 MB of RAM
\li 500 MHz CPU, 1 GHz preferred for 60-FPS velvet-smooth UI
- \li OpenGL ES 2.0 support
+ \li OpenGL ES 2.0 support *
+ * On GPU-less hardware, \l {Qt Quick 2D Renderer} can replace the
+ OpenGL ES 2.0 requirement (with some limitations on graphics capabilities).
\section1 Supported Device Groups
The reference devices are divided into three groups, based on level
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\li HDMI
\li HW Accelerated \br Video Playback
\li Virtual Keyboard
- \li Qt WiFi Module
+ \li B2Qt WiFi Module
\li B2Qt Utils Module
\li OpenGL ES 2.0
\li Qt Quick \br 2D Renderer
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sudo Boot2Qt-4.x/colibri-vf-eLinux/images/ /dev/<device_name>
- By default, the Toradex Colibri-VF devices boot from their internal eMMC. In order to boot from
+ By default, the Toradex Colibri VF devices boot from their internal NAND memory. In order to boot from
an external SD card, the U-Boot needs to be modified. Connect a serial cable
to the device and enter into the U-Boot environment by pressing any key before the autoboot.
Enter following commands into U-Boot:
- set bootcmd 'run sdboot; run ubiboot; run nfsboot;'
- set sdboot 'run setup; setenv bootargs ${defargs} ${mmcargs} ${mtdparts} ${setupargs} ${vidargs}; echo Booting from MMC/SD card...; mmc part 0; fatload mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr} zImage && bootz'
- save
+ run setupdate
+ run update_uboot
Reset or power cycle the device to continue.
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\previouspage qtee-customization.html
\nextpage qtee-troubleshooting.html
+ \section1 Boot to Qt 4.2.0
+ \list
+ \li Release date: Jun 02, 2015
+ \endlist
+ \section2 Changes
+ \b{New Features}:
+ \list
+ \li \B2Q stack was updated to use Qt 5.4.2 on embedded Android
+ and Linux.
+ \li \l {Qt Virtual Keyboard} was updated to version 1.3.0.
+ \li Enabled Chinese (Pinyin), Korean (Hangul) and Japanese (OpenWnn)
+ input methods for Qt Virtual Keyboard.
+ \endlist
+ \b {Improvements}:
+ \list
+ \li Boot to Qt Flashing Wizard: Improved error messages for flashing failures.
+ \li Toradex Colibri VF and Apalis iMX6 images updated to use the latest
+ release (v2.3).
+ \endlist
\section1 \B2Q 4.1.0
- \li Release date: Feb 19, 2015
+ \li Release date: Feb 24, 2015
\section2 Changes
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For overview about Qt libraries see the \l {Qt reference documentation}.
- \section1 Additional Embedded Libraries and Value-Adds
+ \section1 Additional Embedded Libraries and Value-Add Components
In addition to the Boot to Qt stack and a comprehensive development
- environment, \SDK comes with a set of components that speed up the creation
- of responsive embedded applications with modern UI:
+ environment, \SDK comes with a set of components that bring new features and
+ speed up the creation of high-performing, modern UI embedded applications:
\li \l {Qt Virtual Keyboard} - complete virtual keyboard solution with
- word-prediction and multiple languages support.
+ word-prediction and multiple languages supported.
\li \l {Qt Quick Enterprise Controls} - a set of advanced UI controls
with an industry-specific look-and-feel.
- \li \l {Qt Quick Compiler} - a QML complier that helps in securing the
- code assets, and enables improved load time.
+ \li \l {Qt Quick Compiler} - enables compiling .qml source files into
+ application binaries, improving load times and security for code
+ assets.
\li \l {Qt Charts} - UI Components for displaying visually pleasing
charts, driven by static or dynamic data models.
\li \l {Qt Data Visualization} - UI Components for creating stunning 3D
data visualizations.
- \li \l {Qt Quick 2D Renderer} - Qt Quick renderer for GPU-less devices.
+ \li \l {Qt Quick 2D Renderer} - enables Qt Quick UIs on GPU-less
+ devices.
\section1 About the Development Environment